Everything You Need To Know About The Dairy Industry In 15 Minutes

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Most people think of dairy as being as perfectly harmless food. Even though more than 65% of the world's population is unable to digest lactose, dairy milk is still being marketed as an essential food for human health. We're told that dairy is sustainable, that is' nutritious, and that the cows and goats are happy to be milked for our benefit. In this video I present a different side to this story that is seldom talked about, the side that the dairy industry doesn't want you to know about. Footage used from the following sources: nutritionfacts.org, Mercy For Animals, Forks Over Knives, Live Leak, Erin Janus, World Of Vegan and countless others. Music: /> /> /> Are you looking for help progressing to a vegan lifestyle? Send me a message at [email protected] and we can set up a time to Skype! I also have a podcast which is available on Soundcloud and iTunes: /> You can also find me on Instagram: /> and on Tumblr if you want to ask me an anonymous question: /> I also have an ebook called "How to Go Vegan Overnight". It's available by donation by following this link: /> To learn more about the effects of animal agriculture and why veganism is so important check out these other top-notch resources : Earthlings Documentary: /> Cowspiracy Documentary: />Best Speech You'll Ever Hear: /> If you have find value in my content and want to support the work that I'm doing for animals, and for the planet , you can donate here:

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This should be required viewing for all school children. But you know big dairy would not let this happen.
elyria bn
the moment when you are so happy that you became vegan! the moment when you remind yourself of the reasons why you are vegan...
Vegan Crue
Humans are the only species on earth that drink milk past childhood and from acquire it from a different species. What’s natural is anyone’s guess but consuming dairy products has got to be one of the least natural things humans do. MILK IS MEAN!
The Vegan Activist
This is so powerful! Great work man ^ _ ^
Claire Amiro
Wow, what a great video! It's always hard to explain to people why I no longer consume dairy - most people are of the false belief that it doesn't harm a cow to milk her. Next time someone asks me, I will send them this video. You deserve so many more views!
Jordan Starluck
At the start I was like wow this person has no idea!
This should have 300 billion views. Well done.
children should be forced to learn how milk comes to be and dairy farms in school. Everyone needs to know about what they put in their bodies before they do so.
Paul Ⓥ Gregory
Great video.. everyone should watch Haven't touched dairy in 6 years and will never consume that crap every again
Andrea S
I work in a nursery with infants..I was thinking today ..if I drink cows milk is that really any different from drinking the pumped breast milk I feed to these babies? In fact that would be closer because it's at least from the same species! I was so disgusted at the realization it's safe to say I will never drink it again or eat cheese.
Mississippi Dude
Animal cruelty is disgusting! But at least are considered sacred in some parts of the world, and therefore untouchable. Now, as for CHICKENS, they catch ALL the hell!!
rich k
Stay Way from dairy products
Isn't learning history so fun?
Sophie Ward
This is great - so much info. Thank you for sharing this. The message needs to be spread as much as possible because people are so blind, and they are lazy they don't want to change their diet and ways of living. They accept what the media tells them and what is placed infront of their noses. This shouldn't be the case - people should want to do more research and look beyond the surface to find the true facts.
mab jubail
It is violence with animals where the animal protection associations and societies...
luce price
This deserve much more views. Great work!
Eva Eleni
Great work ! This was very informative, I bet it took a lot of effort to make this video!
wild sabrina
not to be rude, but you should really source this
Виктория Лукичева
I need some soy milk after this
Maja Lamovšek
thank you a lot for this video, it gives a lot of important informations! :)
Leo Brazz
this pisses me off
Stanley Kania
Share the link to educate
Rohen Tahir
Wait, cow milk is liked with hives? 6:52 What insects have to do with cows?
Tom S.
Good work! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🌱🌎
Andrew Strong
You're videos make lies about farming and try to destroy millions of family farms worldwide
I will definitely be sharing this video! Very educational. This short video confirms my own personal research, apart from all the documentaries I've seen on our food choices and plant based diets.
Ecliptic Tenebricosa
The worst part is, I need to eat meat and dairy and all that a lot because of my blood disorder that causes anemia and other pretty big problems. I love animals so freaking much I can't even kill a fruit fly. This really breaks my heart. Even though I am getting surgery soon that would fix most of the anemia, (hopefully) I still need to eat a bit more than usual of meat and other things. Man, I feel like shit.
Debra Kay Levi
stick with a farm that cares about their cows
Diane Gandee Sorbi
Outstanding film! Great job!
Lost In Vegetation
So well put together Dareios! Hopefully this reaches a lot of people! 👏
Art Johnson
Bravo, very nice job. People please spread the truth about dairy, it's all such a huge lie and the American people fell for it big time. I quit milk in 2006, and my life time migraines vanished, and I'm 70 yrs. old. I also quit meat at this same time, I had a heart attack and a triple bypass, I was very fortunate that my Vietnamese lady surgeon told me if I didn't quit meat and dairy I would be back for another bypass in 10 yrs. or less. It's now been 12.5 yrs.. Many people have their Asthma vanish when quitting dairy, dairy is poison.
Stephen Saberi
It's an irony and a shame that of all things, theres a dairy add stuck on the front of this video!! It really should be removed - after all, no cows live an idyllic life with the forced removal of their offspring and being milked until they are physically spent. Then and only then, are they turned into burgers or pet food.
shilpa shah
No cheese it's painful for cows no cheese
Mark Robby
Wow! What can be more barbaric and cruel!☠☠☠ I'm going to throw away the milks in my freedge right now. Thanks for the video.
remote control
Great vid
shilpa shah
No need they are demons sometimes who owns runs n keeps fuc n cheap workers
V Greene
14 days vegan, and the withdrawal is REAL, even though my body feels 100x better. Its like a drug. Hoping the next 7 days will break me of my desire for good. Incredible documentary! Thank you for creating it!
Wow!! I've seen alot of these vegan propaganda videos, but wow this one really takes the ice cream cake. I'll give them credit, this propaganda smear campaign video looks like it took alot of time and effort to make. BUT...... It doesn't change the fact that this is all this video is, 100% pure vegan propaganda. Really, milk is deadly for small children, really milk causes cancer (that one was a particularly foul and underhanded attempt to play on people's fears) if all this was true. Then why have life expectancies gone up over the past century? It's not like we just started drinking milk over the past 20 years. If dairy is so unbelievably bad for us and now according to this propaganda filth is reasonably deadly to humans, why are people living longer and healthier lives? And please don't say it's because of that foul chemistry experiment you people want to pass off as milk.
Grace under fire
At 10:40 video says cows naturally only produce just enough milk to feed their calf...but im fairly sure many can provide enough for three calves as when they 'babysit' other herd calves as. they do, naturally. Small thing but video needs to be acurate.
Raw Intuition
very well done!
Nishamini Rathnayake
Thanks for awaring people
AJ Jivdaya
How do you have so little subscribers?? You discuss vegan issues in such a down-to-earth, rational, and educational way, thanks!
Ana Day
Hello, Your PayPal donation link is not working....! cheers
Hanna W
Got milk? Think twice
Eva Makri
Man, that's impressive. In fact, I think it's impressively impressive. Keep up the good work! :)
I Ching
Great video, and very infomative!!!!!
Kaz Takasugi
Thank you for the informative video!