Mortal Kombat 2011 - Liu Kang's Arcade Run on Expert Level; Requested by Vman95100

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Here's Liu Kang's climb up the Arcade Ladder on expert difficulty, as requested by Vman95100. Hope you like it! Kind of a flat and easy run, I know, but it's not like the AI is the brightest thing around, heh.

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For those who somehow keep missing the fatalities in this video, skip to these sections: 7:25 11:56 13:53 16:14
Liu Kang: Show me what you can do.
Dark Lord
 over 1000000 views, where is your money man?
i WISH that they would have used THIS SKIN for DLC in mkx. --___--
Chris Sandell
I just really don't know why Ed Boon is so obsesive with the idea of kill/delete  Liu Kang since MK4....   I don't think we gona see him in MKX even as a secret character...and don't say that Raiden kill him in MK9.. because Sindel killed Kitana, Shao Khan killed Kung Lao, and they still there in MKX Idk man... I never saw CAPCOM trying to do the same with Ryu... is impossible! is the face of Street Fighter
Matheus Nunes
this soul of bruce lee
Levi Wing
Liu kang is easy to master, that's why I like him
JuLy NekoGirL
I love how Liu Kang mixes martial arts and fire. I think he's sexy LOL.
harry fisher
Requested by vman? BY FREAKING VMAN?! FREAKING VMAN?!?!?!
sebastian edu flores samaniego
Falto fatalities
Jorge Castro
capo el chino no
Brandon Tate
The ai in MKX is a totally different story. Now I just stick to medium mode.
Messipsa Youba
Liu kang wins vs Kratos ? It's just impossible :p
Leandro Cruzeirense
liu kang =Bruce Lee
This guy is immortal in kombat.
1:40 HOLY CRAP!!! Sick combo!!!
pablo bogado
Liu kang y kung lau son lo mejores del mk9
Michael Hamilton
Amazing man!
Lucas Jack
Minute 4:13 sound looks like pew die pey
BloodMoon Vampiress
luv this video a lot! Liu Kang is one of my many fave Kombatants :D sick moves bro. Especially against Kratos. he deserved that fatality after pulling that dick move right off the bat
ضرغام شاكر
حلو كشن
ضرغام شاكر
حلوين فديو ولكشن موت
Robert Velazquez
How long does it take to get this good because I'm trying to become a liu kang player
Armando Rollo
It seems you are not a fatality fan, my friend.
Charles Jones
Haven't liked Mortal Kombat since MKII. Ed Boon and John Tobias tried to go over the top on everything since then and forgot what made the first two fun.
yeşil oyunda
Bende türküm
Majoud Dayri
my name is majd
Jassem saleh
nice job. can you write buttons.
Vitor Gabriel Gonçalves de Oliveira
Liu. Kang. vs. Noob. saibot
Canada T Guy
Matt Official
ну ты мастер
Reynoldo Garcia
Alex Bardales
que haces aqui el video esta arriba idiota
Tanees Waseem
1:14 what's the name of that combo
Filipe Fernandes
where are the fatalities??
UmbreL.A rambo
There is a simple way to beat you. Block a lot
The BOSS Tube
liu kang make me feel like i am a ninja
Did you know? After Liu Kang lands his X-Ray you can finish it off with a bicycle kick or an uppercut. It does like eight to nine hits.
Muath Alzhrani
ياشباب هذا حق سوني 3او4
Watched two matches and no fatalities. Terrible.
Michael Oguntuase
GamesBlake90 is great. 
wilbert wij
Liu kang Reminds me of bruce lee.
Ren Amamyia
Johnny Lance
liu kang best
Guadalupe Lopez
I like liu kang
Diego Reyes
yo digo que todos los personajes del mortal kombat son pros el noob al jugar es uno :p
Ayman Wardeh
I wonder what God Liu Kang's moveset would have been like.
His fight with Kahn in this video probably really goes like that since Liu was the Champion of MK
I love his Bruce Lee yells lmao
Callum Brown
Liu Kang is one of the best in HISTORY *
Callum Brown
LIU KANG is bad ass like his new look he look like a evil jackie chan but fight like bruce lee hope for his topless skin anyone ?
أم طارق
Jesus Lopez
Luca Bickel
Man you can't do fatalities
Jean Carlos Ortega
liu kan soy tu fan
Jean Carlos Ortega
Luis kan soy tu fan
Krisztofer Rácz
Kicsit el akadt a cayber subzeronal de jol jatszik
Guilherme Silva
Poxa,me ensina a ser bom desse jeito
Deorman Evans Evans
OK bet it
Deorman Evans Evans
OK paly this game on max urah hard
Carlo Ruiz
Nice video
Carlos Reyes
Liu kang is super super super camper xd
balsara 675
Hi from india
maria ferreira
Você joga esse jogo muito bem
jaime linares
Do you play naruto
ابراهيم جداوي
That Keeps Killing You In Titan Mode That one Satyr
He is one of the easiest to master in the game At least for me
vanessa valdivia
Даурен Жаухан
Rampage Man or Kabozy
dante laufter
And fatalities?
Marcela Mansilla
😉😉😉😉 😎😎
Marcela Mansilla
Vanusa Sousa Candido
Bhgghbvervv no
Anger Clash
Can you Not a finish him? ??HAHHAHAHAHHAHA
Piero Flores huanca
liu cang eres el mejor
how do you do that combo
Tyrell Jr Causey
lu Kang kicks
wellington tercero
One day I want to learn how to do bicycle kicks like Liu Kang 😃
Creeper Cz
no fatalyty
sergio patrik
a melhor sequencia do liu kang é triangulo ,quadrado x depois quadrado triangulo e tras e quadrado depois tras x quadrado triangulo duas vezes é a que mais suga sangue
sergio patrik
quem joga com noob é nub apelao kkk
Welton castro
Zulay Chacon
Bello ve is me ni wo the fitalities
Nation Calibre
dude u r really good maby i can win u once with ermac
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Wkurwiają mnie te reklamy.
Felkin the Outcast
Keyonte Capps
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Tania Moreira
muito bom
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Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis
sweet bro
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Khanh ChuPy
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