Beauty Sings – Tatiana Manaois (Handwritten Lyric Video)

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Excuse my terrible handwriting. Lyrics will be down below to follow along as well. (Oooh's) Let's ride to the sunset I could be your best friend Love will take us by surprise And I'll watch you grow You'll be beautiful We will spread our wings and we'll fly And if you let me explore you I will sing for you Just before you sleep But in this case, love, your beauty sings And it goes (Oooh's) This past week I've been losing sleep Cause I'm so used to holding your hand But it feels like I've been getting lost And if I kept count it'd be a lot But every time I find myself with you So just let me explore you I will sing for you Just before you sleep But in this case, love, your beauty sings to me Why can't we love someone we love Isn't this my heart? And isn't the loneliness enough To tear us apart? And even if I change my ways Love won't let me stay Cause I've let you explore me Will you sing for me? You don't need melody Cause in this case, love Your beauty sings And it goes

gudetama homewine
this is the song from vine right? i see it in edits and the pitch is much higher. but anyways, this video is lovely! :)
I Know This Is Random But I Love Your Hand Wrighting xD
Jamel Jones
Every time I hear this I get a warm fuzzy feeling and anywhere I am it feels like I'm at home
Beth Irwin
Got here from a vine, aha x
mei the got7 anti
found this through a jimin vine (but a pitch higher) and this song is so cute
Spider.Bridie 28
got here from a Phan video <3
Stephanie Jane
... we have the exact same hand writing... wtf... like no jokes XD
I love this song and it's lyrics xxx ❤ Tysmmmm
Paychense Mcqueen
this is off of musically
Brooklyn Meshell
I love this song, and this is a good idea to write it out, your handwriting is so good!
Erin Is A Snowflake
This song almost makes me cry cause it's a song about basic life sometimes idk if it's just me but it's so sad 😰😢😭
Amber Swift
We have like the same handwriting lol
Kenny V
Love your handwriting
maddy maddy
Jarim Cruz Vargas
I started to cry idk why😢☺️
Gianna Arias
Idk this song makes me kinda sad
Lillyanna Salazar
what app do u use??
this was so cool omg! good job! :) xoxoxo
Best lyric video ever
Jeff the killer
plz do the song never to late by three days grace
The Retros
Wow what an amazing song keep up the good work😌☺️
Pancake Lord
Evangelea Dabagia
Sooooo cool maddie💕
Simply Savannah
I really like this video
Caleb Doolin
this is amazing
Anais Watterson
Sunniva Gunnarsen
Love this song😍
Jason Bergado
maddie rich
clarifying i do not own the song. the channel iTstatianaM owns the song; she wrote it
Rei H
Love this song
Johanna Smiley
How do you upload this to Spotify? Amazing btw ☺️👍
skylar garmon
this is cute
Alissa Dervisevic
Came here from a Serena Van-Der Wilson vine. 😉
skylar garmon
this is cute
Squishy Squids
Breannica Jonelle'
Love it