Blink-182 I Miss You & What I’ve Done LIVE in Honor of Chester Bennington, Hollywood Bowl

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Why the fuck are all the comments like “I miss Tom so much😢😭 please come back”. This isn’t about Tom. It’s about honoring Chester and I think it’s honestly disrespectful to talk about him on this video. If you’re gonna do that go to a blink video, but please not this one.
Joshua Morris
When you hear other people doing Chester's songs then you realize how talented he was rip Chester good attempt blink though
Agustín Sakitowea
It makes me so fucking angry that everyone is just complaining about Matt and no one is talking about Chester and how beautiful was to see 2 great bands working together in his memory
Chewbacca J.R
I miss tom delongue
the transformation10
omg that was ....... the worst crap ive heard in a long time hahaha
Stéphane Delahaye
Blinkin Park
Linkin Park without Chester isn't Link in Park anymore......Like blink 182 without tom.....
Matt’s live singing is drastically better than Tom’s live singing. It’s insane to say Tom is better live. I LOVE Tom on the record, but live he can barely get any words out. Watch the most recent videos of Tom singing live, it’s painful. Matt can actually hold a note.
Daniel Carlisto
Mark: "alright Mike, which song let's me go nanana the most" Mike: "I mean... I guess you can go nanana at the end of What I've done, although it's pretty subd- Mark: "perfect we'll do that one!"
mark smith
the drummer was on firee
Matt's clean tone is awful.
Matt Hale
They look old. Other than Travis. He never ages.
Gerardo Robledo
"I miss you" without Tom is pure garbage
imagine tom delonge singing what ive done
Joe Camperson
Once again, Travis was FLAWLESS!!!
Al Geldmacher
Rip Chester...someone who could actually sing
Dehen Pantar Nusantara
Blink 182 is not blink 182 without tom was plus 44..
Eleazar G
Matt looks like my dog when I put a bandana on him
Matteo Maria Maltoni
Nate Miller
Gotta love when two solid bands team up and can't get close vocally to Chester. Chester was a gift.
Orion Cruz
Travis wants so bad to slam his drums 😂
Rodrigo M
I miss Tom! Dear lord, this new vocal is terrible!
Henry Garcia
So awkward to see blink to sing what I’ve done 😂
Cyril C
Where are you Tom we miss you 😭😞
Adrian Saldana
All respect to the band and the purpose of this show, but this was hard to watch.
Disney Jazzcore
Out of key... lol. This is why you let Chester do the singing. Miss you, Chester. Thank you for the best moments in my life.
Lucas Lemes
you are already the voice inside our heads, Chester
pls take tom back. I want matt to focus on Alk3 more. And his voice sounds better on his own songs.
christopher cain
Matt's tone is always off. Unwatchable.
Not blink without Tom
OLivia Filippini
I miss Tom Delonge
muy thai
havent seen travis tear it up like this in awhile
Kejs Customs
Blink is not the same without John
I can tell Travis was very emotional during this performance.
Jake Smith
my name jeff
Jeffrey Chavez
Tom back please! =/
Chris Cosens
If you didn't think Chester was that talented, just listen to this shit version of his song. No offense to Blink 182.
jack rojas
we miss chester and tom!!
Harris Avaan
blink 182 is just 182 without Tom
Justin Reyes
Mark would be the one to sing the nanana part wouldn't he ?
Crimson Spider
Remember though, Mark had a lot of strain on his voice, and he even had to get it checked out. Either way, I think they all did great together.
Bilingual Minimalist
matt was pretty good in i miss you
With Matt’s terrible guitar playing Blink 182 sounds like a high school band trying out for the talent show.
Travis really ruined what I've done.... The right hand does not play that fast.
Alan Ishmael
Mark can't sing anymore.. and Matt... Ew
"I Miss You" was the perfect song choice for this. I Miss You, Chester...
Paxton Wilson
I thought Christian bale was playing with blink
Anton Hampton
Awesome.......oops my hearing aid was off! At least Travis can hit 👌🏻
Kool Dud3
Honestly Linkin and blink should pair up now Chester and Tom are gone
Michael Freeman
You made Chester Proud
Matt sounds great in I Miss You
Michael Carrasco
Travis and Chester were really good friends. I love how Travis played the heck out those drums in honor or Chester
AlcoholicThing '
"I miss Tom, I miss Tom..."
Kool Dud3
Rip Tom and chester
Mike or Joe should have played Piano on I Miss you rather than using the recorded sample.
IT Tech
WTF IS UP WITH THAT GUITAR.... you tryn to ruin the song? #bringbackTom
James Cadman
i thought it was pretty good
xtyawan _
Tom is the best ever
sesnaf faout
damn Travis is on fire🔥🔥
Grito Rubro Negro ECV
Worst guitar player ever.
Tom Spagnolo
What ive done(mark)Sang horribly lol
David Parra
Love you Mark. So much 😌
Michael Gallegos
Tom’s verse in I Miss You is so “Alkaline Trio” lyrically, and Matt’s voice fits it perfectly
Martina Pirrone
Frosty WoW
Tom, come back please!
joshua ballard
Watching this makes me realize some things, Matt Skiba is straining to hit the high notes on Tom Delonge's part of Miss You, his voice is better suited for Alkaline Trio, Mark Hoppus just can't hit any notes anymore, and that is probably why Tom Delonge sang most of "Neighborhoods". This whole performance would have sounded better instrumental, because they all play their instruments really well. Travis Barker doesn't sing period, because he knows he can't, not even background vox, which makes him the best performer in Blink 182, although I'd rather him put more focus in The Transplants.
Adjies Wae
tom is the best ever
kevin thomas
i wanna fight travis barker for real
Drew Webb
This is why blink is my favorite band. And everyone stop hating on Matt. Tom is lost cause now and will never come back. Travis wasn’t the original drummer of blink but now everyone loves him. Give it some time
Elliot Brown
I'm gonna put it out there It would of been a bigger mark of respect if they had Tom play but I completely understand that may not of been an option and besides this isn't the worst Matt performance
Jeffrey Chavez
oh damn.. esa voz como que no =(
Juan Koopz
they sound like a dirty sock :V
Trevor Bartschi
I miss tom :(
rodrigo J
Que horrendo
Tony Peavey
It's like Travis got better and the rest of the band gave up.
Iqbal Habibie
matias facundo Amitrano
Quien es el que canta la segunda parte ?? Cldo me cago la vida
Hugo Rodriguez
Puta mare como lloro 😢😢😢
Electricore Gaming
Who's the one person who disliked this!?!?!?!?!
thongsoune muongnamvong
No adam songs
okba Hobbi
How did I miss that? 💙
Dillon hemming
Ok that just awesome
Christ, Mark Hoppus sucks now
Shelly Jutawan Margasari
After I saw this video I realized no one of the artists in the tribute can sing like Chester, and Blink 182 was so awful covered LP song, only Travis succeed
Erik Wood
Wow Toms vocals got shot. I see why he left now 😯 its still an incredible sight to see when a fallen artist is honored in a tribute song by another band. RIP Chester you beautiful soul
alex barbosa
Travis destroys on the drums......
nga dve
They should have left this song alone only members of linkin park can sing it RIP Chester 😢😭💔
I miss tom too but lets face it, hes batshit crazy now and this is all we got so make the most of it
Murphy Pendleton
Neither Tom nork Mark ever had any sort of vocal talent whatsoever, they're amazing song writers but their live performances are some of the worst
i dont understand if he was was looking forward to it.... why didnt he wait?..... RIP Chester
De Fryske Vlogger
The uploader forgot to put 'shred' in the title...
Murphy Pendleton
I don't know who this new guy is but he is straight garbage, was he really the only person they could get to replace Tom?
Jobert Yu
Chester the legend vocalist
Danny Brainard
Here are my thoughts: "I Miss You" is not the same without Tom's vocals, nor are any of the early songs. Travis is probably the 2nd greatest drummer, behind Neil Peart. Blink is better in the studio than live. Tom should rejoin Blink WITH Matt Skiba, and be a 4-piece, since both lineups have solid songs. Ok, I'm done, that is all.
Caidema Official
What the hell. The singer guitar player in blink is wearing an all seeing eye pyramid neckless and upside down cross. Hm.
Nathan Clarke
Not quite a year later and I still get so choked up! Chester was my friend he was your friend, he was everyones friend. He and the rest of LP saved my life though I have never met any of them in person. Just the music they made that connected to me and kept me from killing myself on so many occasions. Thank you Chester. Thank you Linkin Park.
Surya Rjbnc
Chester you are missing very badly ...... Stay happy always wherever you are legend ..😞😞😞 we will always miss you ...and hats off to blinkin park team .....