Obsessed - An Interview with Neil Peart

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Neil Peart is Obsessed with sharing his experiences through words - like bicycling over the Alps (twice), the Pyrenees and the Rockies, and throughout West Africa. And since '96, he has traveled to every RUSH show, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, by motorcycle. Neil is also Obsessed with his 22" Paragon Ride. With its powerful, cutting bell and amazing expressive ability even at low dynamic levels, this is a cymbal that inspires.

Neil Peart (Musical Artist) Interview (Ontology Class) Sabian (Organization) Sabian Paragon Paragon Cymbals Cymbal (Musical Instrument) Drums (Musical Instrument) Drummer (Profession) Ride Cymbal (Musical Instrument)

Kronis Kent E. Krahn
Peart could narrate buttering bread and it would sound interesting to me.
Yansa Music Channel
An obsessive personality with positive intent, from his lyrics to his drumming to his writing Neil is a great example of being Human.
Tony Cortezza
I met Neil in the late 90's when he was in Fairbanks, Alaska when he was wondering the country after his series of unfortunate events. The whole story is too long to post here but I can tell you a few things about Neil. I have met many a celebrity in my travels and Neil was absolutely 100% the nicest, most down to earth, intelligent rock star I have ever met. All I all we spent about 2 hours together in a bar called the Greyhound lounge which was right across the street from the Westmark hotel where he was staying. We talked about all sorts of things and shared a couple of drinks...and here's the kicker: he wouldn't admit he was Neil Peart. The first thing I said to him was " Geezz, you look like Neil Peart" which he brushed off and said he wasn't- yet another clue actually,  as who in the heck knows who Neil Peart is if your not a musician really? It was only till his book came out that I recognized his motorcycle and him with a goatee and beanie that I  realized it was actually him. For all of you who have ever wondered about what Neil is like, he is exactly as he comes across in videos like this, intelligent, clear and present and engaging...even after a shot of whiskey and bumming a few smokes from me. A memory that I will cherish forever.
Lee Maiden
Neil Peart and John Bonham were my inspirations to play drums, which I did most of my life. I miss playing drums now that I am in a wheelchair, but I have always played guitar so my song lives on and I play now and people love it. Thank you Neil for the inspiration that made a definitive impact on my life. And as far as the red nose, it's 12:32 pm Friday and I just started working on having a red nose with Guinness in hand :)
Dude blows my mind. Always has, always will.
Joe M
Not only is this man the BEST DRUMMER in Rock, he's the most eloquent and fluid lyricist to boot!  Rush is that rare combination where the musical and lyrical blend into a symbiotic relationship reached by few in the pantheon of Rock.   
Neil Peart has always been a role model ever since I discovered Rush. Aside from the innovative drumming and thought-provoking lyrics, the thing I've always looked up to in Neil is how he's intellectually curious about the world around him. Most people may not know this, but Neil dropped out of High School and never went to college -- and yet, if you watch his interviews, he always talks about how he loves to visit foreign cultures, national parks and art museums (also, read the lyrics to the song "Mission"). In another life, Neil would have made a great college professor, and he'll always be a proxy mentor to me.
Kwith Nics
Neil's nose is sponsored by The Macallan.
Trucker Ned Kelly
whats with the purple nose
blake ross
something about his nose stands out in this interview. It's like Rudolph Red. And it almost looks bigger than Geddy's.
i feel smarter just because i listened to him speak
Jason Lefler
it's always a pleasure to listen to Neil talk about anything.
Stephen Shoyer
This man is not only one of the world's best drummers, he also is a role model and one of the most intelligent musicians that I have ever encountered. Thank you Neil for the many thousand of hours That I have listened to you and Rush. You are definitely a polished gem. 
feel so bad for my man neil, ghost rider was written about when his wife and child both died, that was terrible
So basically, I've done nothing.
drummerfella 55
such an articulate speaker.  and naturally,  that's 'always' come out in his playing.   just an inspiration, on so many level's.  what a life he's had... 
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NEAL PEART? Omg that's just embarrassing. It's Neil. Switch the title!!!!!!  
Doug Tarnopol
He's a pretty good prose writer, in addition to being a great drummer. Wish I'd met him along with Geddy and Alex in 2004 (meet 'n' greet). I wanted to tell him that despite having bought Moving Pictures at age 11 -- first music purchase -- and having a real love for his drumming, his book Ghost Rider was so absorbing that I forgot who he was while I was reading it. Alex or Geddy would come up, and I'd sort of start inside and think, "Oh, yeah -- this is the drummer of Rush writing her." Good to see him enjoying life again.
Heidi Montross
I've heartily enjoyed all of his books.  I'll read anything of his I can get my hands on.  Articles, "Official Notification" updates, lyrics.  Excellent stuff.  Not to mention his drum theory and playing.
Patrick Fitzgerald
A thoughtful, mature human being leading a great life, with some tragedy mixed in to keep him humble. Play on Neil! You're an inspiration!
Steve Haigh
Subdivisions is probably my favorite Rush song, actually, just favorite song ever
The Waking Life
What people need to realize is that he in no way means that he doesnt enjoy playing shows or performing. He is simply referring to everything else that comes along with touring. Ive been on the road plenty of times and all the down time in between shows can wear on you. And who doesnt get home sick after being away for years on end like he has. Cut em some slack. He's getting old. I gaurentee you what does make it worth it for him IS the performing.
Johnny English
I would totally echo what Stephen Shoyer said but I think Neil is a survivor and hero to me as well as a role model to deal with the loss of his daughter and wife.    He went away and grieved but eventually came back and thanks partly to his wife to be then Carrie he returned to being a musician.     I haven't read "Ghost Rider" yet but after seeing this clip it makes me want to.
Jim M
He, is what happens to a human being, when dedication, passion and purpose become constant. I love to listen to him speak because he has a gift of explaining something/anything in a totally comprehensive way.
Earl Brackett
I love his "connective tissue" analogy...
i hope that in my next incarnation i am half as sentient as neil....
Hugo Rezende
Neil is clearly the most amazing/interesting human being on the galaxie. he os suberb in everything, im amazed abaout how he can describe his feelings and thoughts. a man that is really looking for knowing himself. i wish i could talk to him just once
Steve B
Absolutely a deep, deep human being and one of my favorite people on the planet.
J. Vincent Farron
drum genius! WOW! figures...his brain is complex and hard driving.Much like his playing. All Hail The King!!! Yeah his nose is discolored....could be for many varied reasons...assholes.(I hope its from drinking)
Arnold Hay
Neil Peart is my spirit animal.
you think he would of postponed this til his nose cleared up
Captain Zack
could you imagine running into him at the gas station...
lars olesen
Rock on Mr.Peart.  You are a great rolemodel.For both rockers & motorcycle riders.
José Ignacio Silva
I love Neil, but all I can see is that enormous red nose.
Andrew Slatter
If i could pick a single dinner and beers to have with anyone. This would be the best. Just listen to the Master for 2 hours.
Derrick Jones
My Hero
Ryan O'Cerous
The most interesting man in the world? I think he's a candidate at least. He's had a fantastically successful, and woefully tragic life. I can't imagine getting into this guy's head. I don't think I could live with what he had to go through, but he did it. And he being a singular rock god, that's not overselling it.
Time to go play drums..
shawn noble
All of the reading he did really gave him a lot of knowledge.I wonder if he kept a websters next to him as he read and wrote. very smart.
Eric B
and sadly no one uses a ride anymore. You'll always notice it's crashes. I still use a ride and for that reason alone, it's so crucial to have. Hell, even good high hat work today is hard to find, people just want to bash around rather than write poetry with the drums. It's the rhythm of a heart with a flutter, almost like love, not a chaotic storm.
The way Neil is i get it totally, i`m nowhere near as talented as he, but i can draw, and i only draw for my friends, and get joy from them enjoying what i created for them. My best friend had a baby and i did a pencil drawing of the baby in the hospital and people say `wow what did you pay for that?` Lol nothing of course i did it to show my friend that i saw what he saw, tried to put the feeling of being a Dad for the first time down on paper. I think Neil does what he does because he enjoys doing it with his friends, not for accolades or money. It`s all about sharing joy with your friends. Thats what i was getting at. Lol sorry for the long winded response. I`m nobody, i just understand that feeling of friend, of family, very dear to me and the pure joy of sharing with your friends. You can be as big and famous as Neil and still know whats important. Jeez the guy writes books that he only lets his friends read. If you are a Rush fan what would you give to read those? :)
Sam Smith
Talk about "obsessed"... too many posts here are obsessed with Mr. Pearts looks. Look in the mirror.
BC Richard
Rush is just so great, and Neil's drumming is so diverse and full of energy, which is why one of the reasons why I like the song subdivisions so much. And imagine yourself just with nothing to do, but all the time in the world, and Neil's drum set. Imagine what you could come up with.
This guy just oozes with intelligence I've never in my 44 years here on Earth heard another person in the Rock genre speak as intelligently as he does
S Sam
Neil is a class act. Been a fan for over 30 yrs
You just don't get many people who can speak this eloquently off-the-cuff anymore.
Bonnie Hundley
Ghost Writer will make you want to leave everything to explore random geographical directions with absolutely no destination in mind. Descriptive writing in the book. I got this book when I randomly plucked it from a pile. Opened it to a random spot somewhere in the middle and found myself forgetting whatever I had to do that day as I lost myself in the pages. Get this book. You might find yourself mapping out a potential road trip or just leaving for anywhere, any day of the week.
Mike D
Travels to China without a camera, so he can capture the trip it in his words.... Nothing less than brilliant. Absolutely brilliant...
if neil peart asked me to squirt i would
Ben deForest
all 3 of them are extraordinary yet ordinary.........a great combination
purple nose..
Marc Poindexter
I never seen neil take a deep breath one time wow intence
Neil Tipton
uhh. thats an awesome looking drum set...
I love this guy but really whats up with his nose?
Will E. Fisturgash
Rush lyrics have probably resonated more with me than any other bands
I love Rush and Neil but he looks like Karl Malden in this video.
Al Miller
humble, given his talent and success
Gwen Sciora
The Eternal Mustache
I never really thought about how drumistically and percussively complex "Subdivisions" is,,,
lars olesen
Not only an awesome drummer & m.c rider ,but a fascinating and interesting writer who keeps one spellbound.I love reading his books,he's a really cool human.
Al Miller
pretty awesome..down-to-earth guy, for sure.. the kind of person you'd want to hang out and have a beer with..
CC Marshall
His name is spelled Neil
This was a very interesting video. Well done whoever produced this.
Is that Neil the red nose reindeer?  LOL
Shane Monsen
whiskey nose ....
Fart Sender
His thoughts on writing remind me of my favorite author Michael Crichton. I don't have any desire to read any of Neil's books but, I am very interested in listening to his lyrics. And Music 
James Daniels
Neil has an outlook on life that I can only envy.
Hey Neil. You been drinkin' a little have ya? Sippin on grandpa's cough medicine again? Or did you go in for plastic surgery and ask to have W.C. Fields nose? I'm sorry to say, but me thinks Neil has developed a little bit of a problem..
Lautaro Emanuel Galán Cid
i really admire Neil. Such a captivating and smart guy.
David Twitchell
The Professor on the drums
Lilja Myles kennedy fan Maj
or neil was ill when this video recorded was
haven`t you heard of neal peart?
Douglas Holt
I get winded just trying to play air drums to this drum god's amazing work.
All I know is he's added a lot of joy to my life.
Lilja Myles kennedy fan Maj
or he has drank alcohol
Jonas Butler
The Professor!
Knut Spjut
he's nose look strange.. hehehe....
John Brown
(The red nose) It's called ROSACEA, it's a skin condition that affects people of european descent especially Scottish people.
Chris Wooley
The nose,,,,knows!
whats with the nose??
I wanna run into Neil at a diner some day...and try not to be a gushing fanboy.
He took the trip so we don't have to.I have read all of his books,and yes i am glad he went to africa.So i don't.Read the book and you will know why!
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He rides a motorcycle and his nose gets more sun. He's not an alcoholic
Lance Sangster
He's so humble and cool it drives me insane. Lol
Holy shit! Is that his nose, or is he eating a tomato?!!!
mr sixty vi
Striking how well spoken and down to earth he is.
I know this might sound like a trivial point. But I started to dislike Neil when he began wearing that hat. What's with that hat, Neil? It makes you look like a complete dork. It's like The Edge from U2 and his little hat. WHAT IS WITH THESE HATS!? HATS OFF!
Robert Henry
Filmmakers know how to use make-up. Geez. 
El Guapo
Man, I like everything about that guy but his music. 
I miss reading
Sean Patrick
Say you hear of hair club for men?
Yeah...whatever...what's wrong with his nose...
Tommy Boardman
What an awesome guy. 
Absolutely love this guys drumming in my he is my favourite, very interesting interview.
Gerard Vos
Music is his WORK , fanboys! never forget that. and he does it excellent