Dynamo | Pharrell Williams Freaks Out

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August Godmans
I can too, we all can remember Matrix ...all outside ourselves is illusion and we can create by our attention thinking = visualisation and believe in yourself. ..if you believe that this is possible that means that IS possible to you , always !
Mindblowing Magic
hi Dynamo your the best magician ever
Pepe El Mago
Amazing dynamo
love this trick mate :)
We Are Powerful Creators of Reality 😉
Mr. Albrondo
Your abilities are not human, and they are from somewhere else. I believe that yours is here, a proof of what is on other planets for being life and their abilities. You have another task here on planet Earth forget that please do not! Heal people and destroy evil and worry about justice and do not hide behind magic games !!! I could use help from you, there are really many people on the planet Earth I help every day. Kind regards Mr.Albrondo
Wendy's Wonderful world
That first trick collins key did it as a halloween special lol
Fernando Daniel Alvarez
Dynamo: Te escribo en español porque se muy bien que si eres capaz de hacer semejantes trucos de magia también tienes la habilidad de poder entender cualquier idioma, si tu quieres impresionar a cualquier persona regala dinero a cualquier persona y esa persona nunca te olvidara por el resto de su vida, ya que cambiaste su forma de vivir y su forma de ver en otra perspectiva, regalar dinero es ser gentil con los que menos tienen, hacer obras de caridad es mas valioso que hacer dinero, muy buenos trucos de magia y felicitaciones por tantos éxitos en tu vida, que Dios te acompañe siempre !!!
The first trick is so easy it's just glue and a extra candy that is hidden in his hand lol :D
V for Vendetta ·
01:45 If you look carefully, you will see
Tweedle Dee
What??? Incredible!!!
Gods Army
The first one is a known trick where they put glue on your neck and what you guys didn't see is that he had an additional piece of gum/lifesaver and his hand when he took his necklace off he put it on there and when everybody turns their head he slides it down the chain so when he pulls it off his neck it's already there🙄
Frank Falco
Dont want to spoil it but... 0'50" - 1'50"... etc video cutting magic is a bit old already ;) people still fall for it :( shows the power the media and TV still have on people... wake up.
Mr. Albrondo
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a tricks. Seeing and believing is only hard for many! We are not alone in the universe forget that please do not! These abilities have no human being! Kind regards Mr.Albrondo
Amitayoo Pal
but its already on the net....................I want to see never seen videos of the greatest magician DYNAMO
dynamo perché? Ti sei venduto così alla TV e hai cancellato i tuoi vecchi video per me eri un mito ma ora...
Warkie Warkie
Gess how's back back magician mr dynimo
Bigred TV
I know how to do the thing to put the chain in your neck, just rub a glue stick on your neck and then push chain towards throat....
Jamie Smith
He won't be 'happy' after he checks his bank balance that's for sure
Amusing Day
I miss you, your video. Thanks. Amazing!!!
The guy with headphones was like "Ok. Ima just pretend everything is normal."
Ryan Bethell
Great video
Alphic Jo
+finally a video mate!!!cool
such an old trick. i woulda lol in his face.
Alif Rahaman
TEACH US plzzz
Aix Wael !
one magic it s glue
Matteo Ballerini
Hello dymamooo
that black guy was so stroppy
I'm a dtnamite
Shannon Higgins
Милош Васић
Како иде "магија"ако те занима заиста и права...дођи,јави се и дођи у Србију,показаћу ти праву магију,постоји,нису то ове глупости за децу,то левитирање и ходање по води моја баба изводи кад жури по пензију :)
Dani Gelo
atan cas
dynamo is the best magician ever !!
Danica Dizdarevic
Donald Gray
thats no trick that witche craft
Syria Williams
devil whorship he sold his soul
Crazy Chain
Dynamo is my favourite magical by far
Muhammad Khan
come to UAE and i challenge your magic.your magic will not work on me
Demon Magick
Zsani Chenx
how?how?how?how? :D :D
Gabriel Costa
you is incribile ho may good
Muhammad Khan
dude i challenge you
Gabriel Costa
you is spectale
kweshins _
boring reactions
pacific associates
Dynamo please come to India... many of ur fans are waiting @SP....u are amazing
Abdul Haq
sir I want job+money I worry about money
Ethan Matthew Hunt
You open up too much secrets and it's too much I will find you and others like you and you'll get back to where you're supposed to be
Robert Grant
I really enjoy watching you perform Dynamo, I could watch you perform all day every day. Take care and stay safe mate. 👍👍👍😁🙋🇦🇺
These are not just simple tricks he's doing. He is using the help of jinns (the unseen creatures)
enzo Caballero
El truco consta en que te pones goma en el cuello desde las orejas y con una buena cordinacion y actuacion haces que se vea real :)
Dis guy must be a alien or sutin!
Naveen Kardam
I am bothered by magic . Lot s of trouble. I hate magic and magicians. I will never belive on magicians.
diablo132 231