Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl

Official video of Gerry Rafferty performing Night Owl from the album Night Owl. Buy It Here: Like Gerry Rafferty on Facebook: Official Website: See more videos:

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Brilliant! Makes me feel so nostalgic too.
Lauren Wallace
RIP Gerry! you were a beautiful soul*
Chris Montignani
Scotland's greatest export the legendary that is Gerry Rafferty. The man was much more talented than anyone could ever imagine. I often wonder what delights Gerry could have brought to the world had he still been with us R.I.P Gerry your the man.
Niall McEntee
5 years gone today. This is my favourite track out of so many brilliant songs by an absolute legend of a man RIP
Tank Stoner
This song should've been another hit for Gerry.
God Gerry was a musical and lyrical genius... been listening to him since 2013 and boy has his music helped me through so so much. And just fits perfectly when I'm awake at 3:30 am like am now chilling and in deep thought while the rest of the world is asleep, or when i'm traveling down from city to city on the train or bus at night... love it. Thank you Gerry Rafferty! You've made life so much better with your music. Person fav tracks: Night Owl, Family Tree, Shipyard Town, Baker Street, The Ark, Days Gone Down,Whatever's Written In Your Heart, Moonlight And Gold, Winter's Come, City To City, Home And Dry, Right Down The Line, North And South, Kyrie Elieson.
Cool Sound
dan meme
How have I never heard this? Maybe because they never play it on the radio which is a shame. They play the same stuff over and over. This is excellent!!!
Ella Southportfair
beautifull. Gerry...u were a beautiful soul
Philip Fox
Used to listen to this when I was 9 with my father. Didnt appreciate it then, I sure as hell do now. That was 36years ago damn life goes by so fast Xox
this is real music. the idiots today havent got a clue.
Ray Lamb
If I was only allowed one disc on my desert island...this would be it .
Garry Stubbington
I've just re-discovered this, Remember my father playing the L.P when i was a kid, Now im much older means a lot more to me now. Rest in peace good Sir.
You can see how Rafferty is creatively electric with his music, as the other players seem to be invisibly under his command. I believe he was behind the scenes for every single part of the recording, otherwise there is nothing so continuous in a band. Right? I can cut the tension in the studio with a knife. He never gives even a token nod or smile to the men who played this with him. Always completely in control. A great performer. RIP
Sad news today that Raphael Ravenscroft has passed away. Famous for the Baker Street Saxaphone solo. Also appears on this film. 1 of a collection of superb session musicians that have played on many famous music tracks. Rest In Peace.
John Rackham
Absolute class tune!
Dave Lally
Gerry Rafferty's best.  It is brilliant, a lovely song thats timeless
Christine Bories
brilliant music love the sound R IP
paul rogers
amazing songwriter.....very underated....
David Fitzsimons
A true musician, he didnt care about fame. One of Scotlands finest :) He will never be forgotten x
Javier Rios
Very good song, should've had more air-play.
I genuinely feel for people who do not get the depth of this song.
Jordan Meier
His smooth as butter voice melts me like butter.
Dave Rannard
Love this from start to finish..Wish I had 1 ounce of this mans talent. R.I.P.
Martin E Donnelly
R.I.P Gerry, outstanding musician!
Arguably the best song about addiction and the self-commentary that comes along with it. I wonder if Rafferty felt even then he was slipping into full-on alcoholism. Certainly seems that way.
Frazz fryz
Quite simply a superb artist with a talent you just do not see these days and haven't for a long time sadly. Rip Gerry.
Dave Snakey
One of my all time favourite songs.
We need more of this. Thank you Gerry.
Faye Dean Downie
Have a great memory with this song !!!!!!!!
michael hampton
Great video. Thanks for sharing . R.I.P. GERRY
Greatest song about drinking ever.
beautiful song touches the heart strings.
owls seem to have always been a bird that sparks the creative imagination. They have been seen as symbols of victory, wisdom, or solitude.
Martin Biddulph
Michael Desormeaux
So many people like Gerry who possess high talents don't get recognized while so many who possess no talent constantly self-promote and get noticed. Genuineness does not always mean you'll reap what you deserve sadly.
Melissa Nichols
Such a beautiful soul
Mark Andresen
I never normally go for tracks by hairy blokes in specs... but this is one beautiful song, with words I can fully relate to...
al capone
what a great song it has opened my memory banks..R.I.P gerry what a great singer
Daniel Gurule
When I look up about his music with Stealers Wheel and his solo career, I can hear his unique singing voice singing another song that is meant for me. I enjoy listening to his music, I hope one day when and if I make movies, I include his songs in those films. Thanks Gerry Rafferty. Was he ever inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Frame, anyone know?
Reminds me of me
Harry M
Lovely smooth, laidback voice. Gets me drunk without having a drink. That is the sign of a good voice like Mohammed Rafi!!
Just heard this on clyde 2, awesome song and gerry's legacy will live on for future generations to enjoy.
Backyard Gunner
I'm 21. Heard this on VintageTV. Absolutely love it!
And of course their is always idiots making comments about how certain band members look, get real people. It's about the frigging music not what the person looks like!
YouTube should have a star rating system. This song gets 10 stars.
Handmade stuff that never gets out of style!
Ken Leahy
Great song - It flows like a steam taking you through the journey of life.
Connie Clancy
This song just suit me perfect moveing drinking some where to go can't say no words of class Gerry rip mate may God have u sing with angles rip 😢✊👊
Liz Gault
Love this song as it reminds me of being in my dads car in the 80's and also a great Scottish Guy..
Matthew Limbert
Wonderful song
Triplex 29
I'll probably get lynched but I prefer this to Baker Street.
Tony Montana
The melody man...
les collins
love him my hero never be another like him so so good rip gerry i will never never stop playing your music your family can be so proud of you
Irresistible melancholy of the lonely alcoholic- a great tune, with a pumping bass rhythm behind to push her along- 'I'll have another pint please ...'
damn good song !
OK... My 70's memory has become fuzzy... Is the bass player eerily reminiscent of "Duck" Dunn or did I just abuse too many brain cells back in the 70's?
Susan Peploe
one of my all time favorites he was a wonderful singer still missed
matt bastow
love this song
Guy Petersen
One of the greatest tracks of all time!
Genius - RIP Gerry - Miss you : (
fiona brown
loved every song from this album....still have it
Chris Barker
The best song ever written by the best singer/songwriter ever.
Margaret Thompson
I loved all Gerry Rafferty's songs. It's sad that he left us too soon.
mark gosney
Just a lovely song.
Emma Frenche
So underrated...his music gives me a strength I only knew back in the 70s . Godly times
Real ale
one of the best singer/songwriters in the world. who could not enjoy
This is such a great track. It's timing is weird, but good. Every time you listen to it, you find more detail. Fab. I prefer the build-up and tempo as Get It Right Next Time but they were his equal best. Baker Street is a classic but a little too hyped.
James Robert
What instrument is that? A bass flute? I really like these videos where it's just the musicians playing. No dancing, plots, themes, just good music.
Surreygirl 1978
This man was so underrated
Surreygirl 1978
Scottish musical genius
Ian Thomas
If anything, I like this even more than Baker Street. Great singer, great songwriter, sadly missed.
Andrew Berridge
One of the most distinctive and best voices , superb .
Sally Webb
I'm a huge fan of Gerry's and I love this song. But had fun watching the video and noticed the way a couple of the musicians were grinning and one even carrying on a conversation in the middle of the recording. You gotta love the seventies. It was all 'look at me mum I'm on the telly!' back then. Quite unprofessional really but so much more fun! Miss those days! :-)
Steves H
George Molyneux Buckley
What a talent. RIP, Gerry.
david smith
Gerry was one of my fav singers ever,bottom line Gerry sung his songs his way,he never gave in to the man meaning the music industry.RIP Gerry..
Steve Garrod
The drummer has a Proper beard and proper drum kit!
Goosebumps ❤️
Mark Salmon
what can you say , great man , love all his music
Tim Heathfield
Brings back so many memories miss you Trisha x x
KennyThomas SouthernBaptists
i miss u buddy. :( <3
Ulanbator Mongolia
To Whoever...Play this at Funeral...Then sling me off Great Ormes Head, Llandudno
James Hicks
genuine     solid    humble                 simply encrypted ,
Solan Goose
This and Get It Right Next Time are my 1 and 2 for Gerry. The lyrics for me are very relevant. Sublime.
Tufaan ForU
Far Far better than modern music..How much down to earth they are.!!!.everyone gave their best...and no showing off...mind blowing...<3 
Dieter Schänzer
Matt Feast
The man's a ledge, total awesome
Pete Woods
A Classic,who would have dared use a recorder as a lead instrument.
Tony Sharples
Unique talent, excellent track, terrific vocalist.
Gary Ryan
Magic, a pure musical genius, and he was a wonderful teller of tales to boot!
Tony Whitmore
Thanks for ALL the comments, I think most are on the same wave length enough. As an 'ol' git' I do appreciate all good music however diverse. You younger posters who think techno music started in the 80's - no - 1970 - before Kraftwerk -(Tonto's Expanding Headband duo out of New York)  You lot who want to know what is happening today - Catch the reworked and new startup KMAH Radio out of Leeds,UK streaming from around 12th March  2015 - like SOMA from San Francisco only with interaction and all English European underground cutting edge stuff with a nod to Detroit and New York.
Steven Hyde at the bass!
Sally Webb
I'm a huge fan of Gerry's and I love this song. But had fun watching the video and noticed the way a couple of the musicians were grinning and one even carrying on a conversation in the middle of the recording. You gotta love the seventies. It was all 'look at me mum I'm on the telly!' back then. Quite unprofessional really but so much more fun! Miss those days! :-)
sandwich king sandwichton
This is my favorite song for a reason it was made beautifully and the song had a meaning behind it. It was the first song that made me cry and this song along with many of Rafferty's other songs had actual meaning to me. this song and a lot of Rafferty's other song I fell in love with.
John Obiro
As a Scouser, I loved this Man. He made Boss Music.
Found you at last, that haunting voice, really loved to hear him and see him sing.
The drummer is badly out of touch in this song. Listen to the drumming carefully and you'll see what I mean.