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So a few weeks ago i simulated the 2011 NBA playoffs, and today I backtracked and simulated the 2008 NBA playoffs. In 2008 real life the celtics beat the lakers in 6, find out what happens when 2k predicts it! *Do not own any songs in video - no copyright intended Instagram -

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Halftime Productions
What year should i do for the next playoff throwback simulation?
Halftime Productions
Did anyone see that clutch rebound by prime Dwight Howard the conference semis?👀
Trevor Dow
2k hates the Celtics Like if u agree
Edwin Segovia
The last digit of ur like is what old player you are like #1 Kobe Bryant #2 Shaquille O'Neal #3 Allen Iverson #4 Kevin Garnett #5 Michael Jordan #6 Magic Johnson #7 Scottie Pippen #8 Dennis Rodman #9 Ray Allen #0 Wilt Chamberlain
Lakers Rock
Great vid halftime productions we honestly deserve more subscribers.
NBA Know It All
Do the 2005 Playoffs
2k hates the spurs like if u agree
Jack Speechley
2k really hates the Spurs. They don't understand the Popovich magic
Do 2007 because the could have been so many winners
Lance Muller
Great vid dude your really growing on YouTube; I love the playoff sims
The Big One
yesss,finally new playoff simulation
Collin Caleb
Halftime Productions do the 2015 playoffs please. By The Way great video you are my favorite youtuber.
Matthew MOORE
2K17 loves the cavs
Put scalabrine in for 48 minutes. Boston would've gone 16-0
Meloman 0007
Can you do 2012
Aidan McCammon
love this man
Sam Blanchard
Bilal Neak
2006 playoffs
Parsa Rezaee
Los Angeles akers😂😂 4:00
kyree942 the goat
Do the worst teams ever!
Funny kids Happy_YT
This video was so cool 😎
It's TahaMohi
Like if Kobe better then lebron
Bryan Flores
this was the first finals i ever saw
Lakers Rock
I am first comment
Gio Olas
what's the song called at 9:09 ???
Jazmin Garcia
Do the 2003 playoffs
Henry the ______ Guy
Yo boy curt
At 2:07 it looks like yao Ming is jumping the gut
itz lucas
Ethan Ford
Do the all star team for each team like for lakers Kobe magic Kareem etc
Tommy and Jeremy's channel
good video
Griffin Cole
What's the song at 5:19?
Quinton 1
2k always hate on rockets in playoff like if agree
Sdollaz TV
How do you watch the games
Funny kids Happy_YT
Do last 16 NBA Champs
Tieboy 06
Do the 89 playoffs please
David Smith
lets go lakers kobe comeback 2018
Will Kramedoggy
David Jorgic
ur videos are amazing
the next highlight
did you say akers you trpien😀😀
Ryan Phillips
Aidan Pocesta
Great video love the content
Zane Tosh
Who was going for there team they go for in real life in this sim
How do you make these?
Олексій Кузнєцов
please, can you tell me where i can find this roster, and other rosters which were in the videos?
Fabienne Lima
Angel 25
You make the best videos
Delsin Z
You should do the one where the Kings got robbed by the Lakers
ImaPerson Sike
Ibrahim Malik
do a 1995-96 with the 72-10 bulls roster throwback also plz sub to me i need 4 more subs
Ben Wearden
He about to blow up ?? Agree!?
Adam D
Bruh, are you really going to do Trophies by Drake at the end😂Atleast change your channel up from korzemba a little
Sports Fan
6:36 Typical LeBron 😂😂😂
Charanjit Kaur
Ethan Ford
I'm a lakers fan I'm so happy
my favorite move is razor edge I so love it
my grandson born in 2008
Lerod Wilson
a lebron vs kobe series would have been the best ever
Drake- Topic
I got first biiiiitch
randumnesss 5
I was born in 2008
randumnesss 5
hi everyone :-)
convict thug
idk if you saw my comment from last time but you should do greatest teams to never win a chip and obviously only teams that are in 2k like the nash amar suns, tmac yao rocket, gary kemp sonics, malon stockton jazz, 01 sixers, 95 magic, ewings knicks, dominique hawks on one bracket and the greatest teams on the other side of the bracket without duplicating teams so only one lakers which could be showtime or 01, bad boy pistons, 96 bulls, 13heat, kareem and oscar bucks, 95 rockets, larrys celtics , and 99 spurs
do 2006 wade and dirk
Jamison Starr
You sound like junior from breaking bad
Blake F
That's absolute bullshit the only reason the celtics lost is because 2k disrespects them and 2k has garbage sim engines
Ethan Ford
I always go for the lakers lol
KING SO’s SHOOTAH #IWillSlapCashNasty
LeBron James
This is rigged. Cleveland should've won all day in this with the 🐐 on their roster.
Billy Kuhl
KloutyFn Klout
It's obvious you was usering some teams because The CPU never takes the last shot unless the game isn't a blowout
Jedi gamer 810
He said Los Angeles Akers XD
Jemver Francisco
Wow!at last Kobe and lebron met at NBA finals.Kobe The GOAT, lebron also.Lebron a better FG%, and strong.but Kobe is the best if we will talk about skills, and clutch shot.Kobe can be Jordan fadeaway,bird Clutch,Abdul-jabbar skyhook shot,layup magic.
The Dingo Vlogs
4:00 “The #1 seed in the West The Los Angeles Akers
Shy Guy
Bro the Spurs never win in these sims 😭
Jeypiii Santos
Who would win 2008 boston celtics or 2017 GSW?
yusuf zia
why is duncan 22 years old lmfoao
Robert Jandrue
2k back with the hating the Celtics
Viktor Jovanović
7:33 Orlando scores and Cavs fans celebration that?😂
Sun Gaming
4:06 anybody remember at the end of one of the games a guy threw a beer bottle on the court.
Sun Gaming
If you pause at 0:31 the face is scary.
Kobe had a clear advantage over lebron
If Lebron watched this he would be happy since he beat the Celtics
Tory Gamez
4:01 Los Angeles Akers
Alp Merdin
Düzgün oku amına kodum hidayet türkoğlu o biz sizin adamları yanlış okuyoz mu
vic dizon
2k Actually made the Kobe's Lakers vs Lebron's Cavs. Yes
SayHey David
4:02 he said Los Angeles akers
4:01: Los Angeles Akers?
luke gargarella
Simulating real life playoffs are the best
John Waddy
How do u play 2008 playoffs in nba2k17 do u have to do it on pc????
Abel virasami
Im pretty sure duncan was not 22 in 2008
Keyshawn Varnado
Jordan McRae didn't play til 2016 why is he on the roster
Rayhan Robert
Hussein Kassam
Wanted a ring for nash 😤😓😯😰
ACG 83
I was to young to remeber cuz I was a year old or 11 months
Zadrexs World
Yasssssssssssss im a lakers fan and finally the la lakers win
Oyuntsetseg Tserenbaljir