Amy Lee's Best Live Vocals

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Her voice is one of the most unique voices I've ever heard
Amanda Beaver
Everyone calls Beyoncé "queen" but Amy is THE QUEEN
eduardo emir juro lazo
Maria O'Leary
She just has that voice you can listen to over and over too.
tabitha darkrider
I went to see her live and you know she’s the real deal because she paused to drink water a few times and I don’t see enough singers doing that which means a) they are straining their voice unnecessarily by not allowing themselves a few seconds of vocal rest or b) they aren’t really singing that much. You can tell she’s the real deal because she’s not PERFECT. She makes mistakes and that makes her voice sound so much realer and makes for a more honest performance. The important thing with Amy is that you can connect with her through the lyrics and the emotions rather than how “flawless” she sounds-she’s a real person and that’s what makes her a great artist.
nelson farmer
Amy Lee's music has gotten me though good times and bad.. she has grown and she's gotten better over the years.. By far my favorite singer and bands.
My ears have been blessed
Larry Lindgren
I do believe she's so much better now.   As she's grown up her voice and deepened just a touch.  Which for her isn't a bad thing.  She has so much more control of it as well.  Does it help that's she's silly hot?  Maybe:P   All that aside she not just another pretty face.  Listen to Speak to Me.  It shows how much she grown.  Just a wonderful tone to her voice now over all.  Will be interesting to hear the new Evanescence stuff and hear that voice she has now singing it.
Alis Prospero
I love when Amy growls "don't let me die here" in BMTL
The WolfMan932
It's extremely hard to find girls like that. She's one of a kind.
Freak on a leash
I can’t imagine how hard it is for her to sing a a bunch of her songs in one night. She must be exhausted. If I talk to much then I have to take a break. Amy is so talented.
Talent. Beauty. Morals. 3 things that are extremely rare these days. I have adored thee for near 20 years and I will adore thee for 20 more.
christopher valentino
Her voice is amazing. Easily one of the best in the rock/Metal scene today.
Amanda W.
I feel like she does better sitting at a piano or with someone playing a guitar on those acoustic performances for some reason.
Daniel Nuta
When I first listened to "My Immortal" by Evanescence in high school I was blown away by Amy Lee's voice. The songs on the album "Fallen" are great. Too bad they aren't positive from the lyrics point of view. But anyway, the point is that she has an incredible voice. Good for you Amy, rock on. :) ;)
Joey Underhill
Amy Lee has an addictive voice. Her stage presence is gigantic and she is so great to us fans. She's very passionate and amazing at the work she does. And now that the band is in such a great place now she is even happier. So happy to have a positive and beautiful soul like Amy Lee as an artist in my lifetime.
jerry katzman
Love the fact that she is a musician and a singer. Just super talent.
Heliodoro Faz
The operatic vocals from Whisper and Weight of the World are missing here
Daniel San
Vanessa Anza
Oh my little emo heart
Her outfit for Call Me when youre sober.... So pretty it makes me want to cry 😭😂
Jovany Mendez
her singing actually makes me wanna tear up because of how good she sings and I'm a 17 year old dude , so that says a lot ..
Tania Maroun
The new concerts that she made this year are much better that the old concerts. You could mentioned it on the video.
Irene Bustos
I've been loving this voice since 2003 and I will keep on loving it. 🤘🇦🇷
Matias Arzola
where is weight of the wolrd???
Amanda W.
They didn't show it but I like how she says "what's real and what's not" in the Going Under performance. It sounds scary lol.
Dylan Nix
Wow so 17 people don't know real music,that's sad.
Isabelle McGill
She's so freaking hot, I love the gothic style. I've been listening to them since I was 16 but I've never really watched them live, very emotional, very cool.
She'll always be a favorite
Victoria Thompson
A lot of these are not her best performances, but aside from that, I always love seeing her growth as an artist and in life. If you saw her perform now, you'd think she was always confident on stage, but that wasn't always so. She was extremely shy at first, but her voice always rang through. I'm so glad she's grown into the artist she wants to be and as someone who supports her, I'm looking forward to anything new Amy brings out.
William Freeman
The first time I heard Amy was on my step daughters stereo stopped me dead in my tracks
Tony Hicks
One of my favorite older bands. I've always loved her, great singer and role model but she needs to work on keeping her voice steady.
One of the best voices of the world. Amazing as always I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
Genya Saffin
Her voice gives me chills every time. I love her so much
Claudia Ortiz
I love her soo much
Feride Dogan
i dont want to be mean . i love amy lee. but u put alot of bad performances
I saw her live when I was around 14. She put on an amazing show.
Akane Sasu
I've never seen somebody reach so many high notes in such a wonderful way, she's incomparable, absolute angel!
She knows how to control her voice
Saw Amy live in July and met und hugged her omg <3
mel .10
The guy at 0:22 wears a Britney Spears shirt.That's ironic.
She is incredible, but you picked some clips where she's far more out of tune than at other times. You could have pointed at the concert they just put up on YouTube from the last tour, and it would have been a perfect showcase in and of itself.
These are not her best performances at all.
dennis hurt
There is only 1 female singer that has a better voice than Floor Jansen and that's Amy Lee.
She is the most unique voice i have ever heard in my life!!! Withour auto-tune, play back etc... she is awesome😍😘😘😘
Deirdre Mayfair
Queen of the world! ,💙🤘
Elias Karamalegos
You could also have included "Weight of the world" from Rock Am Ring (2007) or "Lost in paradise" from the Nobel Prize performance (2011)... Nice video, though! What a voice!
Celine VanDyke
Thank you so much for appreciating the most unique and beautiful voice, soul and songwriter in the music industry💛
Akane Sasu
I have so much better performances saved, these are good but not her best, I mean, you added 2003 live shows there and she wanst near as good as she has gotten over the years
katya vanessa carranza linares
one of my favorites singers
Pedro Lima
OMG, what a poweful voice. Incredible as always! 😁
Baby Valentine
she is my hero!!!!!!!!!!
Ruan Sales
Freak on a leash! A melhor com a Amy pra fechar.
Max Ramos
Why is this on a channel tat says pop lol I love Amy Lee I know she's is not pop at all
The change unplugged sounds amazing!
5Harmony jaurebello
my queen 👑
Cindy C
Most band vocals are raspy loud powerful. Its wondetful to here amy use a gothic strong powerful yet suttle tone that matches the moods of darker songs, its super beautifully, eerie, but never oeverboard. I love u guys!
She's so gifted.. like I feel so blessed that I had the chance to listen to her performing live. One of a kind. A legend among legends! <3
Dominic Art
Perfeita ❤
Arsinowe Muñoz
Childhood favorite band 😍
I love her💝
Maireny Salas
I love that voice
Anny Minky
lithium 😍😘😍😘😍😎😎 she has a really Prety voice!!!
Phaeton Downs
4 stars for this video... The 5th Star is for Amy Lee!
This video is inaccurate in so many places. Only half of them represent her actually singing with beauty instead of being out of tune.
Hamad Alawadhi
Surely not her best live performances of BMTL, Going Under, Lithium, Farther Away, Event in Death and Sweet Sacrifice. You have also forgot to add her all time best live performance of All that I'm Living acoustic.
97 Soldier
Please Do Lzzy Hale!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Big Gleek
You have to do another one with *Lea Michele* 'cause she has a lot of wonderful performance live!!!
omg i love her.. I never realized she kinda could sound like shakira sometimes. Like old Alanis morisett-y Shakira
Cutie Jinjin
More like "The best live vocals ever"
Nastasy Catpower
Laura Pausini. seria legal
Obay Ibrahim
this is amazing video :)
Minttu Dancetaria
Surprised to find out Understanding here, love those periods (pré fallen). Never heard about live versions.
I love the mixture of classical music with hard rock; with Amy Lee’s voice as well, it’s really beautiful and unique music.
Amanda W.
The Change one was a little shaky and cracky though
Natsuki Luna
My teen life has been about their songs, her voice. I love Amy.
محمود رشاد
Her voice of calll me when you're sober on Nissan live sets like the studio
Rudnei Matos
Amy #BR loves You❤❤❤
Abdul rahman Ehab
Everything about Amy beautiful just beautiful :'(
724 bime
they just give the grammies to adele and beyonce while amy and sia havent recieved any
I actually think Sharon Den Adel and Ailyn are also queens of unique voices in chick rock😉 I must add Tarja Turunen as well
the fact that i know the lyrics to all of these songs after all these years
Oblique Kant
Ela canta mal pra cacete hein, principalmente o nesse vídeo 2:18 🙉
Rodrigo Nascimento
I love you Amy Lee ❤😍!
Fabiola Cañas
9:20 beautiful * cries *
I'm a huge fan of Amy, I love her voice and what she's doing even tho her live singing isn't always as amazing. On the slower song (on the piano), she sounds incredible, but when the songs are a little more rock and faster she's kind of off. And I absolutely think it's normal, I don't think it's easy to sing gothic/rock songs live. And she's so much better now, her voice has matured and she has so much more control of it. She's a grown ass woman and I love that woman.
Andy Jo Smith
I love my sister Amy, so much. Not a day goes by that I don't miss being with her. One day, we will reunite. When that day comes, I will be grateful to perform with her again.
I love Amy lee so much I have legit been listening to her since I was born in 04
Adriana Gama
Su voz me encanta, ella es tan perfecta :D
I can't listen to my immortal due to reasons...but amy Lee is without doubt one of the greatest singer's of century 21 so far.
The Cynical Autist
My favorite female vocalist of all time. So powerful, yet so sweet at the same time.
bleach black
The best singer in the history
Caiya Cravens
Even this beautiful video is nothing compared to seeing Amy Lee live!! You'll never forget it!!
Michael Marinho
Canta de mais Amy Lee, <3
I've always loved their music and appreciated Amy Lee's singing but.. in all honesty it was only alright early on, but she's become so much better.
Dave Daprile
Ammy lee beth hart and ann wilson the trinity of female vocalists
Shady Marshall Mathers
Amy take's my heart
I love my Queen <3