Sanel Redžić plays Etude No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos on a 1986 Kevin Aram

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Sanel Redžić plays Etude No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos on a 1986 Kevin Aram. Us on Facebook: />Us on Twitter: />Our Website:

Heitor Villa-Lobos (Composer) Étude No. 1 (Composition) Piano Classical Bach Plaza Sanel Redžić Sanel Redzich Étude (Composition Type) Classical Period (Musical Genre) Tatyana Ryzhkova Beethoven Manuel Barrueco David Russel Marcin Dylla Composer (Profession) Ana Vidovic

Thumb position at 1:38.
Elisa Bou
Most people play this too fast and the voice leading is lost in a blur. Of course the score says 'allegro non troppo' (ie 120-126) and here I think we have an interpretation that is very close to what was intended for this piece.
Nice Phrasing! Ive never heard anyone play it quite like that.
Great sound and performance! The alternative for the legato scale, is very c l e v e r and useful indeed! BRAVO!
Elvis Tek
super mario world final battle?
Trevor Jones
Best performance of Study 1 ihave heard
Jason Greu
I love the interruptions of the person playing to a before/after the actual playing. It gives me a glimpse of who the person is, it's quite refreshing.
I really like the performance, but just short of the 50 second point, there are a few seconds where the video cuts to showing the guitarist looking at the guitar rather than playing it, while the audio continues with the etude, and then the video cuts back to being synced with the audio.
Aaron Petit
My favorite performance of this work. At first I didn't think it was going to have the drive it needed because of the slower tempo, but it really worked as a whole. The harmonies really come out here. A very intimate performance!
Uwe Schütz
Sounds like a mixture of Ruck and Dammann with D`Addario hard tension nylons. Ok, the trebles intonate very well, so it can`t be D` I love the entire performance and the instrument !!! Thank you!
George Summit
and here is the first one that made music out if it?! bravo !
Perfect! New favourite etude no 1 on youtube!
Bobbie Betklep
Beautiful ! what camera`s did you use ?
Michael Alves
Antonio Niño Hernandez
Pierluigi Pacetto
Great job! Compliments!
Lutvi Suwandy
Does anyone know a reference about thumb position on classical guitar?
Is he using entirely his thumb and index finger in this?
Gabi K
How do u praktice right hand?
Heitor Villa Lobos
o nome do vídeo ta errado, é estudo n 1
Beautiful..thanks for the soul.
Good Grief-Why are reviews so damned critical. Is it due to jealousy? This young man played with all his heart and passion. What does it matter that there was a micro-millimeter of his thumb projecting at a given point. Focus on the beauty. PLEASE
Rafael Rabello tocava isso ai dormindo kkkkk
Claudio Cruzat
When he finished with the last harmonic. Dramatic work.. Life itself.
his mouth is so dynamic!
Allan Dunsmuir
A good performance, slower than most, but powerful and interesting. I'm not sold on the legato scale change of fingering at the end where he uses the thumb. The point of this piece is to keep it rolling smoothly until some rubato can be added at the end and the legato scale involved a pause which in my opinion is not as nice as the conventional smooth way to play it. But the young players these days are challenging convention which is a good thing all around really.
Isn't the final note a pinch harmonic? beautifully played though.
Victor Fulbright
Super! What strings you used this time? The trebles are very clear.
Nathan Moraes
holy shush.....I stopped breathing!
Victor Fulbright
I play with right hand in the same way sometimes.
Zuky Zullex
Svaka cast, maestro. Fenomenalno.
Gary Ormond
Really lovely. This is one of my favourite pieces that I have started playing again, after some years away. I recently recorded it on my own channel too.
Massimo Banchio
Finalmente un Etude n.1 di H.V.Lobos suonato come si deve. Sento il ritmo della danza e finalmente il respiro del pezzo. Veramente suonato alla grande con la giusta calma. Max
Vedad Čano
can I came and play this is one of the biggest wishes to play at siccas guitars
Oscar MP
Impresionante en todo sentido, la mejor interpretación del Estudio no. 1.
M Tanning
Never thought of playing the right hand fingering this way. This way is a lot simpler, but I wonder if it is the best way?
Wonderful, & over way too quickly.
Mitch Thompson
Monique Ledermann
OMG this is superb!
Lan Peck
Marta Wertmueller
Erickson Giesel Müller
rennie murgh
wow  it make me speechless this is a young master   pepe romero  takes  50 years to be the same