Juicy J - Got Em Like ft Wiz Khalifa & Lil Peep (Prod by Ben Billions) [#shutdafukup]

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Wiz Khalifa (1:03) Juicy J (2:06) Lil Peep (3:14)
peep blessed this song
i came here because *Lil Peep* name was tagged
10,000 subscribers with no videos
Gus is such a revolutionary. He is a poet a rapper, a rockstar, he mixed sucidial depressed emo rock with rap and trap music, he did it all. I wish he was still here to show us all what else he had to show.
Gabrielle Dollanganger
Shawty in all black and you know i like thaat
Costa P
3:14 was reason why i came
RIP Lil Peep. Salute Juicy n Wiz.... #shutdafukup
badumm tss
Why tf yall saying Rip lil peep he's not dead LEGENDS NEVER DIE
Dukie Forlife
Wiz the hook master.
Itsvan Ramos
Goth boy clique in the club in the back
Krista Lawson
Why tf are all the comments about peep? Like yall i love him too but this isnt even his song, appreciate j and wiz too lol
William Horneman
i just came to hear peeps verse lol
Haylee Horton
Peep killed his part
Peep killed it
all these people hating on lil peep because he brought a whole other level of energy to this song
gi gi
Everyone went hard on this track. A banger for suure
This is an example of what Lil Peep was getting to and how far hes got
I want a music video for this song
rip schemaposse rip peep
No Think
OMG peep just snappeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
Ben McGrath
song starts at 3:14
Joe Norks
3:15 is the part we all came for
Best verse was by far Juicy J. He pieced his words together like a savage.
Easily the hottest track on the tape>>> young khalifa hook & juicy 1st verse tho ✓✓✓✓✓o u disagree? Jus SHAAAATHAAAFAHHHUPPPP
could someone make a loop of lil peeps part, thatd be great lmao.
Zach Merrill
Peep killed this
Jorge Rodriguez
Brant Allen
Lmao 666 dislikes. They don’t even know how ironic their stupidity is on this flame Juicy J banga
Universal Revolution
Bruh y'all talking bout peeps part, that hook is lit asf tho that's what got me
long live peep
Serdjo Tacini
Peep we miss you :)
Al fayyadh
Lil peep :')
Stampy Is Here
Wiz Iz the Beast 😎 ❤
Gustav destroyed this like every his song. Love it <3
Savage Warrior
Play at 0.75x.... its so chill
What a banger. A pity he died, this would have been his year fr Rip legend <3
C Rod
Khalifa killed it juicy j masterpiece lil peep speechless
Lil Peeps Verse Was So Good!!
Pls Upload it on Spotify
Nicole Gee
Peep goes off this song is fire
What you beautiful peepers came for 3:15 :) <3
R.I.P peep <3 :/
Lilaa Brown
Miss him so much! ❤️😔💔💔
Support the PEEP
adan martinez
Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup Shutdafuckup
IG : florentrog
Peep ❤👌
I love it! 🙊💛🔥RIP Peep 💔
Mega Pace
666 dislikes, illuminati killed lil peep
peeps verse made me so happy
Came for peep. He should've Been on the hook. Song is a struggle to get to peeps part
Kevin Chew Lin Choo
$B would've nailed this beat...................
Egor Fialko
Juicy j over ALL fym
Mello Chirp
Peep gone way too soon, so many dope collabs that's shoulda happened .. lucky we got this one !! RIP PEEP
Dante R F Gouvea
man, he was going mainstream, gone way too early
Alex Kowalczyk
Juicy J the best 🔥🔥🔥
RedAZurE_ 1873
Bri Anne
Literally only here for Lil Peep’s verse
Bts love
The most enchanting part where sings peep♥🔥🔥
budd dwyer
lil peep's verse fire asf, RIP PEEP <3
Costa Diogo
The video clip of this would have been amazing wit peep, the contrast of styles, gangsta bling and goth in the same video :(
Guilherme Reis
Ridin in my car blowin smoke
jovanni banuelos
Peep made this song better
Dam did juicy just diss $uicideboy$ and other mephis artists.
Jøsué Castellanøs
3:14 my favorite part ❤🥀
Бате Пешо
add this to spotify
Jiri Cartman Gubis
omg this song is a bomb
I better hear this on the radio I swear to god
CR7 Siouu
TGOD Wiz Khalifa 🔝🔝
Austin Strahan
Juicy is 🔥
joslin smith-prushinski
peep carried this song rip
Demi Bee
Rest in PEEP!💜🌹💔🌹💜 Love you! & I could of deff been down for some more Juice&Peep! Peep you're the best, Rest in Peace baby. & Juicy ily💜 Wiz is bae too.💎
Clxud3d M1nd
I saw Lil peep in the title and HAD to listen to it! RIP Lil peep #gothboiclique
Johnny Beavers
I feel like peeps part would've been better if it wasn't so auto tuned like his other songs like save that shit have better editing
Rip.. :/
Dylan Harrison
Juicy js had the same flow since 3 6 and its still 🔥🔥🔥
I’m here for Wiz and this banger. Idk who tf Lil Peep is but idgaf bout a pill poppin animal anyway but Song is fire 🔥🔥
Zach Wright
Like if you’re only here for Peep the legend ❤️😢❤️😘😘
自殺 Sorrow
tears of happiness
Lil peep popping beans
Mertcan Kaplan
The *Peep's* part is a fire.. R.I.P LEGEND🙏
Who else came for 3:14?
Panos Venieris
Hands down,peep's verse was fire af. R.I.P.
peep’s verse makes it
Jonathan Schumacher Schumacher
Juicy J still the 👑 and is the best verse in the song hands down still the King J !!!!
Chris Moore
Become from a different era I guess!!! Here for juicy J
Asiana the Nerd
yo wiz iam looking to help sponsor u ya know spread your name around maybe some merch trying to be of help get that 🍞 let me know i live in Colorado in wheatridge zip 80033 i stay at the affordable inn off of highway exit i-70 frontage road.
Elijah X
Bruh peep snapped! 👌😩
*peep can ride any beat and make a master piece* 🙇🙏😫🌹💕
yung hentai
she can be my girl she can be my girlfriend
alina magar
lov u peep..
Got Em Like
Vicente Villalobos
Long Live BeamerBoy
Josh Hodare
Just found this like whoa
Szymix_222 Gaming
3:14 3:14 3:14
Casey Allen
Peep was ass anyway but this verse fire
Mélina Poulin
This gon be a walnut
First it was Spotlight with Marshmellow and now this like fr this is fire and I can’t wait for more🤟🏻