Gives You Hell Lyrics - All American Rejects

gives u hell lyrics

gives you hell aar all american rejects

Michaela Radke
I dedicate this to myself. I don't need to explain why.
Shandog 2018
Miney The Knight Productions
To the lego I stepped on
Dedicated to all the people who said I'd never amount to anything. I mean, you were right, but still, fuck you.
Cailey George
Hi Ex-Bestfriend! This songs for you hun :)
Vava G
to almost every one at my school
indigo_ dodo
I dedicate this song to all musicly kids!
Unfortunate Fortune Cookie
this aesthetic of the whole entire video sums up 2009 for you.
Savanna Wood
"I wake up every evening" me too
This whole comment section is going WILD on who they want to direct this to. I am just on a throwback spree, although this song really meant nothing to me when I was younger. Kind of odd...
to my ex "bestie"
Bailey Henderson
dedicated to me, by legit everyone I know
Fandom Geek133
dedicated to all those teachers who blame an innocent kid and they KNOW they're innicent!
hhahah love this song blast it to ur haters! :P
SkyPlayz AlphaWolf
Dedicated to no one
llamalover so kawaii
I dedicate this song to all my fellow brothers and sisters out there who've had their heart broken! remember it's not the end and you'll find someone better!
Samantha Whited
To the boy who swore he’d never leave
Weird Dog
Dedicated to all my bullies and everybody who messed with me. FACK YOU A$$HOLES
I dedicate this to about....EVERY ONE I KNOW
AG theadmin
I dedicate this song to everybody who bullied me...
Ruby Roses
Also this is decicatied to the damn sans fangirls I have a piece of advice for them because I was one of them It's ok to like him it's NOT 100% ok to be obsessed with him and say "touch or steal him you'll die". that's wrong and childish. Oh wait, they are all preteens dedicated to making videos with Sans and that person.
Polaris RCF
Grace Torres
Dedicated to the lady that tried to make me stay after Class
Ya Ya
Thank god I'm not the only one that's 7 years late on this song xD
Rick Sanchea
Dedicated to the viral throat infection I have that stops me from singing along. And also the Ex boyfriend that broke up with me because he thought I was "hitting on other guys" when I literally don't know how to make friends with the girls in my school.
Davi Ritch
This one goes to my Mom when she canceled my xbox member ship 😂
Riley Lips
hey teachers im here ill give u hell you know it when you see my face i hope u think i woke up the devil oh ....
Kelly Dreamurr
Jane: Truth me told We miss you... Jeff: And truth be told We're lying!
I’m gonna be another one of those dedicated to commenters— //haha I’d send this to the guilt tripping best friend of two years that I cut off due to them being 5 years older than me and trying to force their fetishes on me despite me stating boundaries/////and then trying to delude the fact they’re a fucking creep by stalking my social media immediately after, taking a post about a break where I went over some issues in my life, telling his mom and then having her read it to my mother over the phone I don’t regret or miss them now. If you’ve cut someone off from your life and they do toxic shit like that, you did the right thing. (:
To my ex-girlfriend that tried to ruin my life when I called out her bs
dedicated to myself
i dedicate this song to the guy who steps on my new white shoes
This is dedicated to all of the fake friends i have had throughout my life, who's with me?
Internet ._. Dweeb
haha this is dedicated to my enemy who decided to ruin my life ;)
Boba Fett
I dedicate this song to mace windu han solo the sarlocc i jumped out of and most importantly EA
Ashley Anderson
I dedicate this song to every mother fucker who bullied me and harrassed me in my past and I also dedicate this song to the middle school I went to FUCK YOU Andrew Lewis middle school I hope that school burns in hell and I hope that the teachers that don't do there damn job goes down with the school as well.
Queen Ava
Here’s to Gabriela, made me miserable since third grade.
Jeremiah Hanley
this is dedicated to the girl who rejected me in preschool
WRONG YOUR! IT'S ----------> YOU'RE <----------- *GRAMMAR POLICE*
Dedicated to my ex-best friend.
rusty ben
I dedicate this song to a girl in my class that finds me very annoying
Crazy Hey Arnold Fangirl /Helga Pataki
Dedicated to my replay button that broke.
i dedicate this to the navy doctors who denied my application after passing the exams and interview because my left eye was BORDERLINE on the maximum eyesight requirement FUCK YOU
The Taken King
2018 anyone?
Joshua Camacho
Dedicated to the person who used maxed elite barbs and RG against me
Tone Rizor
Got three texts from an ex girlfriend yesterday. First to tell me someone is publishing her book. Second one was a link to this video. Third one simply said - Fuck You. I used to like this song
This song is dedicated to people who don't know the difference between ''you're'' and ''your''.
LoReLEi TrAnCy
I dedicate this to my future grandchildr- uhh... ex-bestfriend
Ethan Wilson
February 2018?
Them Ladybug
This is dedicated to my rude ass elementary school teacher. Hope you step on a Lego. 😊
Shiroi Neko
Good song
this song is basically a big 'fuck you' and I love it
meme daddy
I had my first kiss in the mall food court with an emo girl from my school to this song, oh the mid 2000s. Now today's middle schoolers are eating Tide Pods.
GamerWithaVoice 15
To all my crazy ass ex's in high school 😒
ya like jazz
i dedicate this song too 2016/2017 :) I'm dying on the inside
Too Much Humor
Everybody seems like a great person in this comment section i hope all of you get what ur after. Ww are our people and each time we see each oters faces we know who we are, people we're against never have this luxory and cause drama. I love you all:)
Story Time
Dedicated to (Jullian) he played me, but at least I hope him HELL!!😂😂😂
Hailey Sparks
This goes to my math teacher who brought my %100 down to a %99 because I had a 100 on all my assignments except for one that I got a %94 on. Lmao jk.😂 Can I get a like if this is funny?
savage goon
Wow 9 years later I'm still listening to this!
Susan Mesler-Evans
I feel like I just got punched in the face by 2007.
Jada Lilio
who else still here b?
Jess Kahele
Sounds like a TryHardNinja song
Kaitii Ivey
When you find a hacker or camper in COD 😂
Fernanda Almada
Damn this song is lit 🔥 I dedicate it to my freakin homework!! Who agrees
when i was like 7 i felt so badass listening to this song because it had a "bad word" in it
Felix Ngullie
2030 still listening
Myah Windsor
adia 123
Dedicate this song to all of my exes
I'm only here because because of glee
Faith Hupp
i haven't heard this song for 8 years
Blake Preston
This one is for my ex. I'll miss you never. (Plz come back i miss you lily.)
Pathetic Potato
The memories of this song
I like this song cause I used to listen to it as a kid so stfu idc who you dedicate this song to enjoy it. 😤
This song is dedicated to the beljeatles...... if you wanna know that is click read more Ok ok so it's this band from phineas and ferb (yes I know this was a kids show it was the nostalgia that drew me near I swear) and there was this band that beljete made and the song was like " GIVE ME A GRADDDDEEEE AND IT BETTER BE AN AAAAA" you can probs look it up . It's funny late at night 😂😂
Kylee Rene
This is to all my exes. And all the f-boys who led me on and let me think they were nice.
i dedicate this to the girl who rejected me in kindergarten because she didnt like the color of my shirt
Lowkey Dork
who here in 2017
Hades Baby
this is to all of the fictional characters i dont like
synceer gaming reactions and more awy
to the person who griefed me in minecraft 2 years ago
Oh geez, this was from 2009? Time flies...
Dedicated to that one girl in 2nd grade that told on me writing on the desk you devious little genius
Stealth killer
I dreamed about all stars and this song was under my under recommendations without searching for it ,after listening to all Star... Help lol?
Don't Mind Me
I dedicate this song to my worst enemy... myself
Mother Mango
I dedicate this to my ex boyfriend 😂
AyeItzMax !
why do i love dis sooo much pls make a 1 hour someone
The Undead
anybody else here for the music and not dedicating this song to anyone?
Raquel Lula Hugo
Damn I'm old
The Pepperoni Named Bob -Resident Kiwi-
Dedicated to my main man, Charle. Love ya man. #Bromance
Nickers blue
I dedicate this song to no one because who would want someone to go to hell?? even if the person wronged you, it still doesn't mean you should want them to go to hell
Kelly Dreamurr
Jane and Jeff: Dedicated to people who are my friends...
I dedicate this to all my old crushes who never fucking liked me back. And I also dedicate this too my math teacher
Brianna Russell
This is pure 00’s aesthetic
Lilly Tabor
The song to all your ex's... Or everyone that you hate
Truth be told I love you, Truth be told I'm lying! If you find a girl that's worth a damn, you are both idiots, Hope this gives you hell To:My EX who is dating my EX BFF!
To every single one of my exes.
avery rae
Alex Ritch
Dedicated to Kensley Baldwin Because why the hell nah?
chloe foss
to my ex im not sorry