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gives u hell lyrics

gives you hell aar all american rejects

Michaela Radke
I dedicate this to myself. I don't need to explain why.
Shandog 2018
This whole comment section is going WILD on who they want to direct this to. I am just on a throwback spree, although this song really meant nothing to me when I was younger. Kind of odd...
Samantha Whited
To the boy who swore he’d never leave
Psychology Girl
Dedicated to the lady that tried to make me stay after Class
AG theadmin
I dedicate this song to everybody who bullied me...
Don't Mind Me
I dedicate this song to my worst enemy... myself
The Young Advocate
I dedicate this song the little demons that sew my clothes a little tighter every night. NOTHING FITS ANYMORE 😂
meme daddy
I had my first kiss in the mall food court with an emo girl from my school to this song, oh the mid 2000s. Now today's middle schoolers are eating Tide Pods.
Cosmic Trash
Dedicated to the viral throat infection I have that stops me from singing along. And also the Ex boyfriend that broke up with me because he thought I was "hitting on other guys" when I literally don't know how to make friends with the girls in my school.
Lilly Tabor
The song to all your ex's... Or everyone that you hate
paige ._. røss
haha this is dedicated to my enemy who decided to ruin my life ;)
The Taken King
2018 anyone?
Jeff The Killer
I'm 13 listening to older songs. I was born in the wrong generation.
Logan Paul
Any 2017 Listeners????
WRONG YOUR! IT'S ----------> YOU'RE <----------- *GRAMMAR POLICE*
Miney The Knight Productions
To the lego I stepped on
Invader Pucca
this is dedicated to my cat who stole my goddamn chicken nugget when i was 5
Boba Fett
I dedicate this song to mace windu han solo the sarlocc i jumped out of and most importantly EA
dedicated to myself
babybear 4256
to that popcorn kernel that got stuck in between my teeth and decided to stay there for a week. i am going to like my own comment since nobody else will.
James Potter
Dedicated to that teacher who wouldn't raise my grade from an 89.96 to a 90 so I could make Honor Roll.
Crazy Hey Arnold Fangirl /Helga Pataki
Dedicated to my replay button that broke.
Queen Ava
Here’s to Gabriela, made me miserable since third grade.
Blake Preston
This one is for my ex. I'll miss you never. (Plz come back i miss you lily.)
Amber Isley
What Math sings to us all...
savage goon
Wow 9 years later I'm still listening to this!
BabyBlue Girl
To the bee that stung me
Jadealynn Arisa Saiyan
dedicated to a girl who had been my "friend" for so many years and then back in June I realized how much of a problematic and toxic "friend" she was
Dedicated to everyone that ever makes eye contact with me
Sweelix 245
I dedicate this song to.....oh right I've never been in a relationship before #Single4life! Okay I dedicate this song to myself! Cmon Chris get up and fricken do something with your life!!!
Pastel Promise
to the damn toaster that burned my poptart
Awkwardly being Awkward
I dedicate this song to Logan and Jake Paul. Do I need to explain
i dedicate this song too 2016/2017 :) I'm dying on the inside
synceer gaming reactions and more awy
to the person who griefed me in minecraft 2 years ago
Semi Bean
I dedicate this to the little girl who stole my Barbie in preschool. I hated you for a month!
LoReLEi TrAnCy
I dedicate this to my future grandchildr- uhh... ex-bestfriend
GamerWithaVoice 15
To all my crazy ass ex's in high school 😒
Krispy Kreme
February 2018?
Lula Hugo
Damn I'm old
Gavin Tanner
This song goes out to the HUNTERS!!! Jerks who cheat at laser tag and don't even win.
thatoneemogirl yeah
I dedicate this to 95% of the people I've ever met
The Pepperoni Named Bob -Resident Kiwi-
Dedicated to my main man, Charle. Love ya man. #Bromance
ur mum
Comment section full of angsty edgy teens
Yall edgy 12 year olds should just stop dedicating this to people
hhahah love this song blast it to ur haters! :P
jeffrey vanloon
too my ex gf who cheated
Twertle Meat
Dedicated my Ex Bestie who was so hot headed she hated me
Kes Draw
To my ex
Madelynne Huff
To my mean math teacher- I hope you step a lego and it gives you Hell!!!!! >:) XD
Malachi Baker
When I was younger, so 6, my brother, sister, and I would make a parody: I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face, Going to kill the human race, No one's going run to far, When they see me in my car.
Brianna Russell
This is pure 00’s aesthetic
Shiroi Neko
Good song
adia 123
Dedicate this song to all of my exes
Dem Sartorius
2018 ppl?
Pathetic Potato
The memories of this song
Maddy Ro
its 2018 and this song is still a bop, do not fight me on this
Jeremiah Hanley
this is dedicated to the girl who rejected me in preschool
Too Much Humor
Everybody seems like a great person in this comment section i hope all of you get what ur after. Ww are our people and each time we see each oters faces we know who we are, people we're against never have this luxory and cause drama. I love you all:)
Xxx What hurts the Most Xxx
This song makes me smile :)
dr. Light
i clicked on this randomly because i know AAR but nostalgia just smacked me in the face wow
To my first girlfriend, who cheated on me, and after two years, just hit me up last week trying to get back with me... Stupid cheater, I have a girlfriend that's actually a decent human being, and is loyal.
Čåšš Håřřîšøñ
to the table leg I stubbed my toe on.
sean jared
Oh, how I wish Taylor Swift and Tyson Ritter could get together. Just think of all the epic break-up music they would do. OMG it would be so awesome!
that background reminds me of a middle school girl's note book
Nickers blue
I dedicate this song to no one because who would want someone to go to hell?? even if the person wronged you, it still doesn't mean you should want them to go to hell
Them Ladybug
This is dedicated to my rude ass elementary school teacher. Hope you step on a Lego. 😊
Alexa Price
This is dedicated to the teacher that told me I'd get nowhere in life just for talking in her class. I don't care if you are pregnant. You don't tell a child that ✌
Mother Mango
I dedicate this to my ex boyfriend 😂
AyeItzMax !
why do i love dis sooo much pls make a 1 hour someone
pawsome family
Gonzalo Funes
If I could get a dollar for every "I dedicate" in the comment section I would be rich
Shelby Underhill
I dedicate this to my ex. For everything you've put me through.
kelly classy kid
Here's to my ex who broke my heart💔
Jayla Slone
just the song to sing to my ex lol
the person who thinks there funny
Cailey George
Hi Ex-Bestfriend! This songs for you hun :)
jasmine boogaard
I dedicate this song to every last teacher who takes my phone away or think they my mom or my daddy when it comes to talking to me.
Ruby Red
This song is dedicated to my dad
Kylee Myers
I am going to dedicate this song to my dad who physically abused me 🙏🏼
jackies mom stef
Lizz Tewers
To my ex boyfriend! Dated for 8 months who also was my bestfriend for years. Ended yesterday.
Bob Ross's pocket squirrel
Anyone watching in 2020?
Love Erica
Only like this song cuz of glee 🤣🤤
Galactic Rainbows
dedicate this to the person who said green was a nice color
Emma G.
When I was 3 I would sing this very passionately 😂 no1 even cared
Vava G
to almost every one at my school
Felix Ngullie
2030 still listening
Myah Windsor
I dedicate this song to my friend that unsubbed from me, just so he could stay ahead by one.
Kathy Blystone
I ❤this song
Queen Ya
Thank god I'm not the only one that's 7 years late on this song xD
Faith Hupp
i haven't heard this song for 8 years
For all the people that are whining in the comments.
To the kid that stole my DS during 2nd grade recess, yeah im pretty sure he was a little peice of s***
Madicol M
I love this song! make 10 hours of it!