The Rolling Stones - Doom And Gloom

Doom And Gloom taken from The Rolling Stones Greatest Hits collection, GRRR! Out Now Buy from iTunes here: The Rolling Stones 'Doom And Gloom' Official Video Directed by Jonas Jonas Åkerlund, Featuring Noomi Rapace Buy GRRR! from The Rolling Stones official store: Super Deluxe Edition: />Vinyl Box Set: />Deluxe Edition: />3 CD Edition: /> Check out One More Shot Here: /> 'Doom And Gloom' marks the first time that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in the studio together for seven years. The single was recorded in Paris and produced by longtime Rolling S... Subscribe here: />The Rolling Stones - Best of

Kristin Crumpler
I had a dream last night that I was piloting a plane And all the passengers were drunk and insane I crash landed in a Louisiana swamp Shot up a horde of zombies But I come out on top What's it all about? Guess it just reflects my mood Sitting in the dirt Feeling kind of hurt All I hear is doom and gloom And all is darkness in my room Through the light, your face I see Baby take a chance Baby won't you dance with me Lost all that treasure in an overseas war It just goes to show you don't get what you paid for Bowing to the rich and worrying about the poor Put my feet up on the couch and lock all the doors Hear a funky noise That's the tightening of the screws Feeling kind of hurt Sitting in the dirt All I hear is doom and gloom But when those drums go boom boom boom Through the night, your face I see Baby take a chance Baby won't you dance with me Yeah! Baby won't you dance with me Ah yeah Fracking deep for oil but there's nothing in the sump There's kids all picking at the garbage dump I am running out of water so I better prime the pump I am trying to stay sober but I end up drunk We'll be eating dirt Living on the side of the road There's some food for thought Kind of makes your head explode Feeling kind of hurt Yeah But all I hear is doom and gloom And all is darkness in my room Through the night, your face I see Baby, come on Baby won't you dance with me Yeah! Yeah! Baby won't you dance with me I'm feeling kind of hurt Baby won't you dance with me Ah yeah! Come on Dance with me Sitting in the dirt Baby won't you dance with me
Hey its Lisbeth Salander
Rank Savage
It's Lisbeth Salander!
Gary Maravich
Mick still has it.  Love it.  Old people rock.
This is when guys in age of my grandfather are rocking more than any band today.
Uniicorniio Bii$exual
this song is so powerful!
Amazing song, haven't lost their touch at all!
This song put me in a good mood. Damn I love Rolling Stones
Carlos ed Jimenez
This song is FUCKING AWESOME!!!
Melon Sherbert
Mick was 69 when he recorded this... shit man.
Cockney Red
they STILL rock harder and dirtier than anyone.
Sir Skeletor
"How old is Mick again?" "Seventies." "What the hell?"
Hans Carlson
Noomi Rapace is so cool.
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Doom And Gloom ! The stones are the best no body else can do it like them or better than them !!!!!!!!!!
Got to love Charlie, 50 years later he's still there, unassuming down-to-business and rocking out.
Ken Vail
Word is Stones finally recording a new album in December..
Still writing killer tracks 50 years on. The Stones are untouchable.
Astral Eyes
The Stones show how it's done. Taking notes...
Gabriel Levicky
Maria Pratiwi
Most media spouting doom and gloom now. When they tell us of the end of the world we won't believe them! :D hell yeah!! what a badass song
Edgar Zmitrovich
i think this song would be perfect for borderlands 3
Leo Lopez
Beautiful! :XD
Soooo hot, want to touch the hiney... OWWWUUUUUUUUULLLLL!!!!
They look good
I feel I should make all the prudes aware that tits are not taboo in the civilised world.
Francisco Adónis
rock ass song xD
Chali Q
This is NEW Class. Thank God he gave them their inspiration back
Jessica Jackson
Jagger's moves are HYPNOTIZING
Sebastian Arnold
God bless the rolling stones
Rockmantiko Oficial
Who is that beautiful girl?
Got to love Noomi Rapace from "Prometheus" in this video. The Stones are still the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band.
John LaStrada
Hey, all you senior citizens out there with old musical aspirations buried in your pillow at night...stay trim, work out, and if you can sing or play....the dream still ain't that far off. These guys prove it -- especially Mick. Even if they weren't famous -- they sound quite impressive. Keith doesn't give arthritis a chance to take up residence in his gnarly fingers. These grandpas are nuclear powered and don't miss a trick. It's all about attitude...they have it. Their waistlines are still competitive. They are not reading AARP magazine. Get up out of that chair Gramps -- while the youngsters try to cut a pick up the guitar and make it sizzle and cry. I am over 60 -- and I still hit the skins. Best cardio in the world. And The Rolling Stones are not even the oldest rockers performing today but they certainly do wear their Rock and Roll faces well.
David Durkee
Noomi Rapace does a great Mick Jagger dance. Just wish they showed more of it. She's amazingly talented and fucking hot.
What hooked me on this video is, Noomi Rapace, the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo!
This song is so underated..................................................
Ducky Duck
Holy shit, grandpas be rockin it like the seventies!
David Gigliotti
🎩 👀 👅 Stones Up!
Daniel Andres Robayo
They are better Than Beatles. :-)
pure Stones.
John McClane
Lisbeth Salander ! :P
Did anybody notice the chick in the video is Naomi Rapace (sp?) from the The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? Now that's cool!
Eric Olsen
They're starting to remind me of The Dandy Warhols. Only better. They're still The Stones to me!
Kevin Wilmott
50 years and they can still knock out a tune like this yeah
Greg Dahlen
don't know if I could outsing mick but could definitely outdance him
Cool chic
Juan Pechugo
noomi rapace (L)
"My God They're Real"
Adam Svender
Did Jonas Åkerlund edit this video? Amazing editing. 
no matter what any naysayers say these guys can continue to rock as long as they want or able to!!!! go Mick Keith go guys!!
The Stones, Noomi and Åkerlund - what a TEAM!👏 they should work together again for Blue&Lonesome
vincent verbinnen
stones are back in town
Ka Jo
lol, i am 15 and I listen Rolling Stones, AC DC ETC
Nize 93
L E G E D A R Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ken s
who are all these old guys?
Wanda's Place
hahah, he stil doing that dance from the 60's , Mick doesn't miss a beat lol. You go boy! I gotta learn that step. So I can rock like Jagga.
Romana Vanhoutven
The sexiest men on earth , at any age...
Thora F
Coolest old guys. Mick sounds great.
Would have loved it if they had done new material sounding similar to this on their new album instead of covers
they are awesom
James N. Osterberg
This girl is Noomi Rapace?
le Ingwer
I miss this kind of rock in Germany and in 2016 ^^ ! Overgreat musik!
Helium Road
Your basic ass-kicking rock song and video with Noomi's boobs, blood, nuclear explosions and the middle finger in your face...sound about right for the Stones.
Spent all the money on a over seas war , just go's to show you don't get what you pay for ..
I never though a 50 year old could be this cool..
Ryuk Salinas
who watching in 2017 :D
Severo Hinojosa
Johnny Depp appears in 2:27?
Santiago Molina
Thuman Ellis
someone said this was nonsensical as a proffessinal musician since i was14and singer songwriter With Warner bros. over 30 years. It's called poetic license if you don't understand this song there must be hundreds u don't understand what is purple rain?or better yet bob Dylan's. great Like a rolling stone?all abstacts and symbols but every body gets it they don't have to be professionals just love R n R they've got music in they're soul evidently you've got a hole where ur heart should be.You. can't bring a Stones fan down with your brainless bombastic stupidity.Iike the other dude told you what are u doing here crawl back in the rathole u came out of and please don't come back!and now that I've explained things like a gentleman.One more thing fuck you! actually your to be pitied your the loser if you can listen to the Stones and not get goose bumps and chills down your spine there's no hope for you.
Lupu Claudiu
The drummer is like " hmmhmm you say it Mick "
nasgian junaedi
Welcome to blue new album 2016 "The Rolling Stones - Doom And Gloom"
Jason Lee
Jagger makes me happy to get old...
I thought they're literally dead.
Mike M
to all the rolling stones fans mick jaggers birthday is sunday
James Cameron
bloom baby bloom..................................................
Lisbeth Salander <3
steve conn
Mick's guitar riff (so was Brown Sugar). Underrated guitarist.
Well, they've still got it.
Anyone else excited for the next album?
hugo wars
Happy belated Birthday, Keith!
Mud Sh-sh-shark
Charlie in his happy place ;p
rock 'n' roll! ^ ~ With Mick Jagger and Noomi Rapace
Damn it is AWESOME they are in their seventies and kicking it like they are still 20 in the early 60s!!! WOW!!! May they all have great health forever!!!!!
Thora F
So cool. Mick Jagger is damn amazing.
Davin Alaniz
i can't believe people their age can still rock. they're awesome.
German 75
amo esa actriz, y en la peli de prometheo tambien hace un papel tremendo! un temazo se armo
Tracey Wilmot
He hasn't change...not one bit! Have seen this awesome band before. Jagger works the whole stage & every time & every second. Rock on the Stones! No band will every come close to these rock n rollin band! Love the ROLLING STONES! !
Kimberly Rankin
been a fan since 1964
Marty Lemieux
Love the groove, especially how the time signature goes back and forth. Great tune, cool video.
Evan McKay
i only just noticed the boob flashing
Christopher Searle
This song was the only good bit of the last Die Hard film.
Brian Jones
Jäger da pena, parece que quiere guardar su juventud para siempre, y no me digáis que es el puto amo, ya tiene 80 años cojones
FilippojShowsha Ribellino
in this song they are just like "we don't need bass to rock out" and they are right (I'm a bassist leel depression kicks in)
Total satisfaction
Explorer Joe
I saw titties. Nice.
Tammie Almany
the bloom of music💥
Tammie Almany
Awesome thanks