Formula 1 comes to America! - Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

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Saddle up as the Red Bull Racing team and the F1 showcar gets chased by cowboys on the ranch and goes off-road onto the under-construction Circuit of the Americas track. The F1 Circuit of the Americas takes place in Austin, Texas on November 18, 2012. Hose off and drive over to

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Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Never seen this before? This is what happens when we come to Austin. We're looking forward to this weekend's US Grand Prix.
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Coming to America. Take a look back to 2012 when we took an off-road look at the then under-construction +Circuit of The Americas  #10SeasonsRacing  
Kamion King
I'm wondering what kind of preparations RedBull team did to shield the car (or engine) from all that dust and rocks?
poor mechanics who had to clean that thing down afterwards...
Kristian Kumpula
It must be painful to drive that thing fast on dirt.
Phillip L.
I love how David Coulthard agrees to drive this thing everywhere. It's like "Hey Dave, we were thinking about doing a promo for this new track that's in construction right now. How would you feel about driving an F1 car through a minefield that hasn't been cleared out yet, and also there would be some of the local radicals chasing you with trucks and machine guns because they don't really want us there. What would you think of that?" - "Yeah, sure, why not?"
IBeProdigyWild 01
David coulthard what a legend
Dino Prašo
I wonder how many times they had to stop filming to shovel dirt out of the side pods
Beautiful. F1 Rally needs to become a thing.
Great commercial. But please don't race your 900hp 40 valve V-10 engine on chassis that rides 2.5 inches from the ground on a dirt track.
2015 What is THAT GLORIOUS SOUND??? 
Daniel Flores
You can tame a bull, but not a Red Bull!
Adrian Untalan
I think I was cringing the whole time... F1 and dirt just don't mix.
I just love the v10 sound^^
The 20th Century Limited
Just think about the f1's air filter. LOL
Grayson Shindler
I literally live in austin, Thanks for the stereotypes...
Michael Irons
Awesome, I wish I could trash a F-1 car. Please, if you want to keep F-1 alive keep it out of this country.  I`m  American, and a big fan of Formula -1 and even I know us Americans are not worthy enough to be blessed with this sport on corrupted soil.
Max de Lima
Brazil and Canadá is not America ? Selfish americans
Imagine having that thing kick a rock up at you. Holy hell
That car must be broken after that run :p.
0:01 Miley cyrus?
Mclaren Honda
that's the real SANDSTORM
Самые слики
I contributed towards this. I'm drinking Red Bull!
Mario G
Cowboy culture comes from Mexico, you're welcome gringos.
Hermann Chan
All that dirt must be hell for an F1 car. ><
He must be really lucky to be allowed to drive a F1 car! :) I would like to drive one too.
David Coulthard!
Poor car... :(
Finley Ellis
Howdy? You're Very Patient. correct fold What's happening, guys. 1!
the first 5 seconds say a lot about 'murica :P
Steve Spencer
im suprised it can even move on such loose ground
sweetie, God is not in a book, never was, his words are. The problem is that you simply do not understand. If you truly want to know the truth just ask the Lord to show you.
Blackstone Daze
stevie ray vaughan statue at 4:39
Wes Hughes
F1 rally anybody
Candra Septyawan
Cool. I think formula 1 car used at traffic road was great
Ivan M. Varela C.
What is the name of the first song?
Thresh Dream
Lol the starting of this vid
Duane Giesbrecht
Da sah es zwar nicht mehr aus, aber es klang immerhin noch nach F1 …
Sondra A.B
0:40 got some balls? lOl
singaravel saravanan
yellow flags yellow flags
Long Ching Yue
eww...wrong tyres
the day is coming when we will not have the oil, and who knows how much they consume Race?
Kevin Worrall
Go on DC David Coulthard
Cows go moo.
Mad Mango
Americans, they just have to see the car do a donnut to make their day  =))
Чистый болид не сможет даже 10 минут продержица просто пыли нахлебаетца и заглохнит Это дороботан скорей всего и дор просвет увеличин  !! Помойму все равно раллийная гоночная его дернет без особого труда в таких услоиях
kevine Mouaici
Belle voiture vive red bull
Jean-Claude Ettinger
Ahhhhhh, Red Bull Goes Over The Pond loool
Евгений Веретенников
не устали дорогу ровнять?
Abhi Gupta
this is worth watching... have never seen this before in my whole life... kudos Redbull Racing #mustwatch   #mustwatchvideo  
the blurry Boateng
Honda should consider these horses... They look a lot faster than their engines!
Wole Oyeyele
It would have had more grip with intermediate tyres on the dirt.
Donald Trump VEVO
Better video then alot action movies from hollywood
OP pro
strange course...
I feel sad for the car.
Jóia esse video, mas deve ter acabado com o carro.
Dirty Habits
Sick video !
Ontario Supercars
David Couthard
Zach Buie
Coming to F1 Austin? SOUL TRACK MIND will be at the famous Continental Club on Thursday November 15th. They'll also be performing at the F1 VIP Race Ball at the Four Seasons on Saturday the 16th. Good times ahead! Excited to bring such a world class event to Texas!
Ah the Americans make everything stupider. Also, how did David not have his spine destroyed driving offroad in one of these things?!
WRC with F1 cars? Take all my money. Now when are they gonna bring WRC stages to the US?
F1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off-Road in an F1 on slicks. Got to respect that...
Why Worry About the car, REDBULL got this. Enjoy the Thrill. Welcome F1
The Double D's
What i wanna know is how the FUCK he didn't get a puncture with all that rubble and debris when even a used tampon on the track cause's and flat these days!!!!!
Ney Madeira
simply amazing!!!!!
Pandemonium Lig
it's a French King racing engine, it's not possible thus for an American to catch this F1 car "Red Bull Renault" the World Champion ! lol
Pandemonium Lig
+1000 !!
Parisian Zee
I honestly wonder what that F1 would have done if raced against your bog standard, average priced 4x4 on such a track. I'm guessing the 4x4 would have won. I'm even surprised they could keep the F1 on track to be honest.
Parisian Zee
Also, imagine the quantity of dust and earth in the radiator...
Jonathan Johansson
That's an expensive commercial!  
Trujkic Nikola
David Coulthard - only drvier that drives rally with F1 car.
Chapel Tibet
This is hi hi hilarious!
I love formula 1 racing.
Is this televised? If so when? It's currently 2014, is this kind of thing still going on in Texas?
Itt van még egy szűk látókörű tudatlan agymosott paraszt.Én inkább azon vagyok meglepődve hogyan engedhetik meg a dumb magyaroknak hogy itt F1 futam legyen. A Nascar és az F1 teljesen más kategória,csakis egy szaragyú hülyegyerek hasonlíthatja össze.Mértnem inkább a Champ cart hasonlítjuk össze egy fos magyar sporttal?Mielőtt elkezdenél vergődni csak szólok se nem vagyok Amerikai, se zsidó,se vallásos,se cigány. Fehér,magyar,csak én nem vagyok agymosva mint te.És 'both' nem bothe te extrém hülye
To give something to think about instead of wasting time on criticizing others that he doesnt even know jack fuck about
jorge delfino
Perfeito esse vídeo e esse barulho de motor é sensacional !
Pēteris Rakuls
True. I don`t like to drive with my formula on gravel too.
Pēteris Rakuls
I hope until race day there will be some asphalt :D
Luca McQueen
Quan Minh Tran
Americans are probably gonna turn this into a mixture of f1 and nascar
Nehemiah Snyder
Those poor tires
Julian Lumbrera
Simplemente , buenisima la presentacion!!!!!
Rebus Rider
WRC x F1
Yilmaz Ayten
Slicks on a dirt road? Only an F1 driver ;)
Antoine Thisdale
Montreal, Canada as well...
lol wtf is your problem, and your reference "american logic" was totally out of place. I'm not american, but I enjoyed this video like any healthy person.
On a positive note, thanks redbull for bringing this to Texas.
a testament to whatever air filter they were using!
I want to race with karts, sooo much but nobody wants. This is how I calm myself by watching these vids. BTW wish I hade a bit money to participate in races. pff just a dream.. to feel that speed, that gforce, that braking power hear it's engines sound bro. its love
Tim Suetens
F1 needs a race on gravel!
Thanasis St
lol you are right i didnt watch after 5:55
Thanasis St
where in hell?