Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads + Mac & PC WWDC Intro + Siri Intro

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All Mac vs PC (or Get a Mac) ads! A Total of all 66 in the series, now in one video, plus some of the Mac vs PC WWDC Intros and Siri WWDC 2012 Intro.

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MAC:hey PC what you doing? PC:playing game MAC:what game? PC:everything :^)
Tom Preece
"Hi, I'm a MARVEL" "And I'm a DC"
Hello I'm a PC and I can play all the games I want on Steam.
Kyler Herrington
I love how they bash windows vista for being awful, but when window 7 came out, these commercials stopped
Did anyone come here just for the entertainment value?
Macs USED to be better than PC's. They used to justify their high pricetag with much superior features and future proofing. Nowadays, Macs are overpriced peices of junk that do much less than PC's do for (sometimes) 4 times the price. So, these videos were true... Over a decade ago.
Pin Head Larry
Who here likes both OS X and Windows?
Ben Lane
I can't believe they cancelled this after only one season.
Lord Sandwich
It's hilarious that they never mention games! XD
Mac:Hey! What are you doing? PC:Playing some video games! Mac:What is a video game?
Thumbs up, if you are watching this on PC.
Enough arguing you sheep! Pros of PC: 1. Games 2. Customization/Easy to Upgrade 3. Cheaper 4. More Software/Software Customization Pros of Mac: 1. Smaller Footprint(iMac) 2. More Hardware Support(everything running macOS is built by apple, unless you include Hackintosh) 3. Generally better apple-made software optimization Depends on who you are; I own both!
Clark Zuckerberg
Y’all just arguing about Mac vs PC and I just want to say how great these actors are. Both have great comedic timing.
i came here to see the fanboys fight not disappointed. 
I'm a PC user, but these are still hilarious.
Pc:I have a present for you! Mac:Oh,thanks! Pc:What's the matter? Mac:I can't open it! Pc:Why? Mac:ITS IN A .ZIP FILE!
"Everything just kinda works with a Mac" heh it's funny because Macs are notoriously bad with compatibility.
...... Obviously no one here has ever used Mac OS X, just those who like to trash on it for responses. "le gammmmeezzz xD mac suks!!" is all I'm seeing in the comments, no legitmate arguments against Mac/PC. Inb4 "u r fanboi!!!" I am not, I have used both OS X and Windows and can say Windows is better than Mac in some ways and Mac is much better than Windows in other ways.
Ovidius Claudius
Funny how people don't find a negative point about Mac except gaming! xD
And then Windows 7 happened...
Malte Berglund
MAC- hello im a mac PC- and im a pc PC- Hey mac! u wanna play a game? MAC- Oh sorry i would love to! but i cant
I love how all these ads mysteriously stopped after Windows 7 came out.
Alex Mauney
Mac: Hello, i'm a Mac PC: And I'm a PC Mac: Hey PC, can't believe I have the App store, which gives me access to hundreds of free games? PC: Oh sorry, too busy being able to run everything on Steam.
Pc:I have a present for you! Mac:Oh,thanks! Pc:What's the matter? Mac:I can't open it! Pc:Why? Mac:ITS IN A .ZIP FILE!
Did people actually buy a mac based on these?
MAC: hello im a mac PC: and im a Pc MAC: hey what do you have there PC? PC: oh its just a video i made 1080p 60fps MAC: sweet, guess what i can render that video in 4days and 23 hours 6 seconds with my Integrated Intel graphics PC: i rendered it all while you were talking, cya looser
build a pc, get an extra SSD, install OSX on the SSD, now you can dual boot windows and OSX with competant hardware, you're welcome
ok ok
Mac: Hi I'm a Mac PC: And I'm a PC Mac: What are you doing? PC: Nothing. Just GTA V, F1 2016, you know all the good stuff. Mac: Oh well, I play... CS:GO, Portal 2... PC: Oh OK. WELL I PLAY VR. HA!
Jmr Animated
pc is good for: gaming, work, animating, programming (although Linux is also fairly ok) and video making. mac is good for: looking stylish, costing 10 times more than an average pc, VEEEEERY casual internet browsing and... that's it. yeah, macs kinda suck...
bepis boy
These commercials are the spawn of the insecurity of Steve Jobs' childish fights with IBM and Bill Gates.
am i the only one that is here from dasboschitt
Stephen Green
Hi I cost 500 and am five times more powerful than a mac. Hi I cost 1400 and run three year old hardware.
why did they stop making these! So awesome
Tooth brush
Desktop=pc better Laptop=Mac better
Mac: "Oh hey PC.." PC: "Oh hi Mac." Mac: "What are you doing?" PC: "Oh, just playing a game.." Mac: "Oh really? What game?" PC: "Oh, you know, all of them..."
Noah Smith
3:00; DasBoSchitt made fun of that by Mac tripping and breaking, and then a price tag appeared with PC having $300 and Mac having $2000.
Abndn Chnl
When you get a virus on Windows 7 - run good antivirus program. Done When you get a virus on Mac - don't do anything because your already screwed.
Mac: hey pc what you doing PC: downloading a few new indie games from steam while i play some old fallout games Mac: oh PC: want to join in Mac: no . . .. ive got some editing to do i gess.
Daniel Martin
These should be more like : Hello I'm a Mac and I'm a pc Mac:see you in a while I'm going to crop a picture. Pc:why does that take a while? Mac:well despite my $1500 price tag I have 4 gb of ram. Pc:oh I costed $200... But I have 4gb of ram too. That's ok tho because for $40 I can have 8 or 12gb! Editing videos is easy now Mac:oh my ram is soldered in so I can't upgrade, and standard ram doesn't work for me. Although the software I can't run is built in, you had to take 1 minute and download a more advanced version so really I have the upper hand. Pc:yeeeeaaaa are better Mac: don't feel bad, it doesn't even matter because I came with 128gb and the storage will be filled up before you can say SSD. Pc:Well I came with 1tb of storage, and you could get 2TERRRABITES MORE for $80 if you want. And saying you cost $1300 more than me, and for that price you could have 33000gb of storage, and that is over 250 times the amount of storage and an average of about 11000000 songs. *music* Mac, our package is fancy and white so we charge more, but you buy it anyway ;).
His Supreme Clarkson-ness
1 word: Hackintosh. Done.
"Everything just kind of works with a mac" Lies - 2016
PC > Mac Android > iOS Conclusion: Apple sucks
MAC: So we all know that i cant get any viruses PC/Windows: Who Cares PC Is The Best For Gaming SO GET REKT APEL Linux:What am I doing with my life?
Ömer Yavuz
Honestly, the steam jokes are secretly written by those who really want a Mac. End of discussion.
Dario Komar
Wow... You know, Mac and PC's are not meant to be the same. I own both and prefer Mac. Why? Because Macs are for people who need to get the job done fast. They (Apple) never bother with games because let's face it, most AAA games are flooded with squeakers arguing about pointless things. It's like Quadro vs GeForce, one is for professional work, the other is for games. Because I don't play games and actually do work (like edit videos and compose tracks), there is NO benefit whatsoever to use Windows. P.S. I've been a Windows Insider for Windows 10 for almost a year.
I was first born in a laboratory, unknowingly falling into a pit of immortality. Life is hell. I knew everything in the universe, yet I could not fall in love. I was forever trapped in a timeline of pain and suffering. I envy death. Technology is just another thing to distract you from the real joys of life. Technology will kill you. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. I can no longer sit back and watch my loved ones die. I want to be hidden from the rest of this world where nobody can find me. Kill me, and place me at the the bottom of a river so that I can be at peace. Throw me in the river and let me sink at the bottom.
This is my favorite anime!
Mac: Hello I'm a Mac PC: And I'm a PC Mac: Hey what are you doing there? PC: Oh you know, on Steam playing games Mac: No, I don't know PC: Oh,
Mann! I am a PC user but I love this ads! They are classics!  For the people fighting over whether Mac or PC is better, just stop. A PC is the more convenient computer for me and a Mac may be the better computer for you. Everyone has different tastes. Just get over it.
Why do they keep saying Macs are for fun stuff, when you can't even play that many videogames on them. They brag on and on about photos or movies.... which the PC can do...and which aren't as fun as computer games....
Oh, hold on. My PC just didn't crash, what do I do now?
Matthew Morehouse
very true , apple is 100% better, a matter a facts , I'm watching this on my mac right now
Maria Sanchez
umm.. did I just spend 38 minutes watching commercials?
Pierre-Albert Ledermann
Mac: I'm playing a game Pc: which one Mac: Tetris at 2 fps Pc:...
"ye its really simple to buy a imac, just come to our store and give us $10,000 so that we can give you something that should really only cost about $500"
790 gaming
All you butthurt windows nerds lol
Eggly Bagelface
Yeah, I'll buy a Mac the second I win the lottery.
circasurvive shines
I miss these. Apple needs to bring these back
Pyro Gear
PC just looks so adorkable.
talas attila
well it's kinda stupid to watch this. It's trying to make a PC look silly. While the difference in the customization means if you use the same money to build a PC and buy a Mac you would have a PC with the power that makes the Mac look like a sad little pocket calculator
Aside from the obvious holy wars of mac vs pc, I always find these a really interesting product of their times. Back when these first came out it was pretty risky and edgey (not in the modern bad way) to have ads actively mocking competitors
back when apple commercials were creative
"I am traveling to the future" (sees mac's tombstone)
Hello i am a linux
Taeboxsmile _
Mac:Hi PC:Hi Mac:what is your playing PC:Minecraft Mac:Good PC:Thank you
MAC is better than PC why? 1. mac battery 9hrs, pc 4 hrs 2. mac is user friendly than pc 3. you don't get problem with MAC for a very very long time. (base on my experience), IN PC you start getting problem in less than a week (base on my experience) 4. you can install PC games on mac using wineskin 5. MAC's Camera(isight) is very clear and high resolution 6. everything you watch on this video is true 7. trackpad or touchpad on mac is very easy to use compare to PC, that you really need to press harder to click and might end up in broken trackpad why PC user can't understand that?
Joseph Carolan Hall
PC: Hey Mac, I got you a gift! Mac: Oh thanks PC: what's the matter? Mac: I can't open it. it's a .rar file!
Next Mac vs PC ad:  Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC I like to take photos... and you know... I like to run games like battlefield and others. Oh.... that hurt.
If you actually believe that Mac is better than Windows, then I could probably convince you of anything.
"Everything Just kinda works with a MAC" yeeeeaaah, sure...
Ben Roberts
Apple should make more of this! These are hilarious - and really shows that both Mac and PC are great in their own way! The former for their external appearance (even in the operating system, until Mac OS X Yosemite replaced it with that ugly Metro-ish flat design), and the things they can do out of the box, and the latter for their value for money, upgradability, flexibility, gaming performance, and use in work (Microsoft Office!). Of course, I've been using PC for as long as I can remember, since Windows 98. But Windows 8 was where I drew the line. (Windows 7 was PERFECT!)
I own a mac, but I'm not some teen who is a rich boy who knows shit, I think apple are being a bunch of douches in these ad's, most windows are really good, but then there are that aren't, but still, both are good and that's all.
I have nothing against Apple, but why do they characterize themselves as a douchebag-hands-in-pocket egotistical teenager? I would much rather hang around the friendly 30 year old businessman. These advertisements makes me sort of hate Apple a bit, because they act like they're "*So much better*" when they're basically on par with each other. I prefer PC, because it allows for a lot more flexibility than a Mac. The Mac is good for work, but not what I do. Sure, the PC can get viruses, but who cares? If you know shit about shit, than you could easily dodge that. I also hate how they advertise that Mac CAN'T GET VIRUSES! when in reality, any technological device can get viruses. It's shit like this that makes me not want to buy a product.
Sadok Barbouche
Mac is a high drug addict and pc is a smart business man
I miss these ads.
Lol like almost 50% of points made in this video are wrong today like the magnetic power chord
"I wan,st to upgrade my processor" PC: That can happen. Mac: Aaaaaand too damn bad.
I'm excited about the new Samsung. Not the phone, the refrigerator. I lost my sh$t when I heard that. XD
Who's here in 2050? 😂
I am a fanboy and I am a PC and PC is a lot better because it gives you a sense of pride building it... can you build a mac? NAH! and this commercial was a lie because both of those douche bags was paid to trash talk PC... there you go
I swear the PC vs. Mac commercials annoy me so much. Especially the Mac guy.
Macs are easy to use, but pcs can do anything.
Agustine Galpo
PC- For gaming Mac - just for editing and business stuff
My sister has a mac and her computer was almost broken with an update... Goes to show Mac can't even run itself without breaking(El Captain update, btw)
new idea, hi i'm a mac, and i'm a pc, you know mac, i can run video games better- [gunshot] and it looks like mac killed himself... jack thompson warned us about this!
Mabuz N3od3ath
This is not a complete list.... Where's the one where pc has a virus and tells mac not to get too close?
8:03 I am going to listen to some emo that is a real 2008 sentence
Woody Production
To all those people who complain that mac cant play games just install windows and play them (mind blown) but if you buy a mac you more than likely bought it for business and work.
PC is cute.
Windows 8-8.1 plus free upgrade to 10 GAMES easy replacing no annoying taskbar easier torrenting
PC: Gaming MAC: Almost everything else. BTW: I use and prefer PC.
PC resembles quite a lot to Dwight Schrute.
Colin Cooper
id like to see them remake this
Apple used to be douchey, still is.
Catshavi Videos
PC is better
Atraeyu Personius
These blatant lies are so great
I think it's hilarious how PC's only argument is gaming.
I use a Mac a work. It is total shit. I used to Skype my boss a pic of it crashing every day until he finally got mad at me and told me to stop.
Nesy's parodies
Windows is better. Edit: Easier and faster to learn how to use then a mac for me.
lmao this is obsolete, windows is light years away from apple