Smashing Pumpkins Adore full album live (plus bonus material)

The Smashing Pumpkins Adore album presented live in running order from various sources. 1. To Sheila (piano solo) 2. Ava Adore 3. Perfect (acoustic) 4. Daphne Descends 5. Once Upon A Time 6. Tear 7. Crestfallen 8. Appels + Oranjes (acoustic band) 9. Pug 10. The Tale Of Dusty and Pistol Pete 11. Annie-Dog 12. Shame 13. Behold! The Night Mare 14. For Martha 15. Blank Page Bonus 16. Once In A While (acoustic solo) 17. Let Me Give The World To You (acoustic solo) 18. Blissed And Gone (acoustic solo) 19. Summer (Iha Bridge School) 20. Eye (live 1997) 21. The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning (live 2012) 22. Transmission (live 1998) Most all tracks are soundboard sourced. unless noted tracks are from the 1998 Adore tour or 2000 Sacred and Profane Tour

Smashing pumpkins Adore live full album billy corgan

Larry Lee Moniz
I have yet to hear a good live version of Ava Adore from these guys. The version here is horrific.
Wow thanks.. not a huge pumpkins fan but going thru their catalogue i have always found that adore and machina are great records whose live performances are way better than the studio ones.. being adore my favorite one... nice to hear daphne descends live in good quality. And what a sublime artwork...
Silent Symposium
From the singing and playing style, the first 2 songs sound like SP 2.0 (Jeff/Nicole/Mike era). On "To Shiela" Billy sings heavily vibrated just like the modern day Billy Corgan. The intro on Ava Adore is definitely not what James would play, then the dual solo is pretty much a Jeff+Billy from 2007 onward but I might be wrong. Real great stuffs though.
what an awesome job you have done here! Thanks for the music my friend
CSRT4 Ever
Future Embrace . :)
Will Morris
Good work putting this together. Saw them on the Adore tour and I've always said that they did great things with these songs live.
oscar alberto sanchez montenegro
caratula fotografic perfect
Jorge Luis Muñoz Carrasco
The end is the beginning is the end is a great song from Batman and Robin Soundtrack, i dont know why the Pumpkins didn´t play so much in their tours!
Jorge Luis Muñoz Carrasco
Where did you find this? It´s impressive!
Thaddaeus Lawrence
Which show is the Once In A While performance from?