I'm in love with you, but...

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My first edit. Credit to creator of Tom and Jerry: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and also WBTV. aswell as the original music owner pxzvc. Please check him/her out they deserve it more than me. Music - pxzvc - in luv w u(Bad Idea) (feat. shiloh dynasty) credit to pxzvc! Editor: Nuoc Tuong if you need his disc email me. Disclaimer I do not own any of the animations or music(shiloh dynasty and pxzvc). If you are the owner of the music or video and want it to be removed contact my email [email protected] JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER

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This was the last damn episode too.
Nobody loves you Nobody thinks your smart Nobody thinks your cool Nobody feels you Nobody cares about you Don't worry, my name is nobody 🖤
low- key annoying
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the hentai maestro
1: I woke up 2: I went to school 3: I saw her 4: I hugged her 5: I kissed her btw it's 2,3,4,5,1
This is fine.
Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face?
He did all that for a girl that didnt even love him, Jerry thought he was cool, but soon shared the same fate. What a sad ending to a good show.
zi _n
Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea..
c o p y // c a t . e x e
Daniel Lance
Jerry never hated on Tom <3
This is happening to many men irl. ------------------ One like=💘 One love for those in need.
Nathan Craig
Tom was really going through some stuff...
The thing is, I do not want to die, I'm just tired of living
It’s crazy how much you realize you love a person after there gone...
Slow Tides
Doctor: You have 2 minutes to live Me: Pass the headphones
Sabiq Tamir
Who else can't stop watch and listen to this song everyday???
*My whole life in 2 minutes...*
Pandinha Gamer
Yung Brxno
You think this is funny until you feel the same way and get trough the same thing ...
Chelita Corvera
LYRICS!! Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?] Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?] Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?] Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?] Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?] Being in love with you Seems like a really Bad idea (Ay ay) [?]
filho do tzy
Cadê os br que estão na bad e estão escutando música do xxx toda hora
Man I never realized how much I related to my boy Tom😓
Valentina Lee
you're *worthless* they say, you're *worth nothing* they say, you're an *idiot* they say, *drink* to wash away the pain they say, And I believed it..... *but that's what I said,* so it must be true.....
Sudiksha Sharma
Being in love with you seems like a really bad idea.
And he saled his leg and Arm and 20 years of slavery
Thuy Diep Minh Dao (Katty)
B E G O N E T H O T but most importantly protecc the Innocent
Unicorn poop
Aww Tom! I love him. That cat is a gold digger.!
Jean Paul
I watch this once or twice a day
Master Sacademics
I want this played at my funeral with a time lapse video of a tree growing and dying then an outro of the meteor hitting the dinosaurs then the sun spinning. Idk may be too much acid seems legit though.
Mac Vac
He only wanted sum luv
I don't know what I did wrong Sometimes I wonder, what if I did different, what if I didn't gave her a chance... She's gone now and i don't know what to wish for her, her misery or a better life without me... When I started loving another person, she just ditched me off, tought I was replacing my ex, I just hope she knows how much I love her now... But, being in love again seems like a really bad idea...
-Đ a n t ē-
Sad kitty hours
When I was a kid => feel funny But now......
Sergio Gabriel
Aí você lembra que não tem namorada 😔
Fiore Ahmed
ericxx 78mar
Like si ella no te ama :'v
Melanie Rose
Damn. The things we don’t pick up on as kids....
virol one
Quien la escucha en obtubre
I still try to be more than friends with her but she said no multiple times so what do i do now ? Iam lost
xniya pieya
Do you ever just feel scared to love some one because you don't want to go through the dark path of love? I know I am....
leozinho dos plays
the best music to suffer
Poor Tom, he had it ruff
Ariah Horn
man that women could go die in a fire!!!! poor tom .....love ya dude
DSX Scars
Now that's a gold digger
We always doubted tom...
Why I cried over and over again they were my favorite character ever sence I was born and they get hit by a train this made me cried badly bc I love them Rip t and jerry💔❤️😭😭😭
Salome Ragbir
I’m so lonely..... damn.
Quanta coisa eu lembro dessa musica,tipo um namoro virtual q n areal estou com mt sdd da mina era de um jogo chamado waspear online
Sierra Annett
I’ve been searching for this song FOREVER OMG
Freezing Gapz
i think the lyric are:Being In love with you seems like a really bad idea....
xd Critinburger
It’s uncountable how many times I’ve watched this X
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
He still got his 8 lives so..spend it wisely Tom cat.
Rozalie YT
That is sad...
Extlitz -
Son : mom? Mom : Yes, son? Son : why do all the best people die? Mom : If you were in a garden, witch flower will u choose? Son : The best one.....
Obby Maul
Story of my life... But don't feel sorry for a sad sap, no one forced me to do any of this........
Gold digger 👌
gata shushetumare no vei la wea k le hiciste al gatoton ahora esta en el modulo 15 jilah klia si te veo t sakoo la chucha xtm bai
Yehonatan Goldstein
crying my life for this.
Calem Pascua
Now we all know that girl is a gold digger, Tom shouldn't feel like that. He deserves better even though he is mean to Jerry.
Bill Plays
Resumo da minha vida!
Of course not! Do you love me? Yes, obviously Are you cheating on me? Nah man, not worth it Can u tell me u love me? All the time baby U regret being with me? (Now read it backwards)
Lucarionita 07
Tom did everithing for a wife
07.00 Sending text... 07.00 Text sent 07.00 Read ✔ 08.00 Read ✔ 09.00 Read ✔
Salome Ragbir
The music made this 10x more sad 😔
Tom was depressed we were too young to notice and help😒help people with depression dont just let them be there, sometimes depression can go to suicidal and no wants that life is great please help everyone
*eu chorei com essa animação velho :(*
I hope Tom got a refund for all that stuff at least.
Kenk11 ゼブラ
Tom was depressed but we were too young to understand it
*Bros Before Hoes*
People always want you when you up and winning so dont go thru depressing and suicidal thoughts just start winning and flex back 🤙🏾
Omar chavez
Yo ima teen myself but wen teenagers say they don't wanna be depressed or live in this world they just want the attention from someone else thats it they are just sad until they get over the person but then again their are a lot of teens with depression and real life problems which i feel bad for but FOR ME listening to sad music aint gonna help me with shit thats only gonna get u more deppresed and which I BELIEVE started this whole trend with the sadness/depression i could be wrong a whole shitload of people have problems and suicidal thoughts and if u are get some help right now and last this is my opinion so dont think im hating on depressed people or X
murilo magentanz
E Eu Eu n Eu na Eu não Eu não p eu não pe eu não peg eu não pego Eu não pego n Eu não pego ni eu não pego nin eu não pego ning eu não pego ningu eu não pego ningué eu não pego ninguém Eu não pego ningué Eu não pego ningu Eu não pego ning Eu não pego nin Eu nao pego ni Eu não pego n Eu não peg Eu não pe Eu não p Eu na Eu n Eu E S A D;--;
Blaize Kolar
I’m in my feels😔😭
This is blowing up all over again, 3 million in a few days, holy shi-
Wablto Acamar
World is pain
algum Brasileiro que tá fodido por dentro ai também? :C
Duplo XD
You were very sad or youre very sad now But dont worry there is a guy that cares a bout you and knows how you feel And that is me :)...
this sad but it shows a great message youll lose money chasing hoes but youll never lose hoes chasing money
Lolbit_the_FOX 31
This one episode of tom and jerry is very emotional and shows really deep things like suicide
Not gonna lie, this sounds awful. Don't get me wrong, the beat goes hard but this can't really be called "singing" it's just chopped up vocals.
Miraculous AMVS and more
You are beautiful
Jace Cook
Dude this hit me right in my heart girls think us guys are just play toys and after they had their fun they move on
Wes F.
I honestly feel bad for Tom, even though he is a cartoon. He got the girl everything he could afford, and was being nice, but she rejected him for a rich person. Tom was trying his hardest and ended up without anywhere to be at the end. Jerry also got rejected, but I don’t know that story. Just like the lyrics said “Being in love with you seems like a really bad idea”
Damn this beat hits right in the feels!
24/7 two sad hands
Stakorio _
Can we get a rip in the chat
Diyae the Killer
I’m l’onely 💔🖤
From Future • About 50 years later
He still got his best friend with him on his side.
I feel alone
Kařama Takahasi
Sorry Tom...
*That moment when your casual mood is Tom*
Bleg Ugh
Everyone here is just "nice guys" that are butthurt that the pretty girl didn't notice them. The girl in this episode NEVER accepted any of Tom's "gifts". He kept trying because he wanted to literally win over her love while ignoring all the warning signs that she didn't even like him. She never asked him to do all these things. Tom sold his soul because at the end of the day he just wanted a pretty face not someone who actually loved him. And btw, they never show how long the girl has been receiving gifts from Butch so for all we know Tom is trying to have an affair with her when she's already in a committed relationship with Butch. She kept showing him the gifts Buthc gave her because clearly Tom wasn't taking NO for an answer. So I don't feel bad for Tom when he was the shallow one that kept trying to buy someone's love when they weren't interested.
Henrique Nascimento
E fofa uma mina que vc gosta mais ela n gosta de vc da vontade de ser matar
Yes. I love it! So sad tho.
Acalhe Rodrigues
Brasil 2018
{\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 cost= 1 like..
Now I know that Tom's real name is thomson
Charlie I aint gone tell u my surname
*being in love with you seems like a **-really bad-** idea*
Jihyun 'V' Kim
He gave you 20 dollars. I gave you 10. You thought he was better since he gave you more. But he had 100 dollars, And all I had was 10.